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August 20 2009

Jane Espenson's series Andy Barker, P.I. comes out on DVD, Nov. 17th. The DVD will include the featurette : Writers Class 101 - A look at what it takes to write a series like Andy Barker with the creator and writers, including Jane.

I loved that show. I wish Andy Richter would do another show but for a cable channel, instead of one of the big 4, so it would have a chance to succeed.
Oh, awesome! That show was really charming and clever. I wasn't into Buffy, etc., back when the show was on and rarely paid any attention to writing credits, but looking at the list over there, I see my favorite shows listed. So, that's even more reason to love the show.
I also loved Barker and Andy Richter Controls the Universe. I never actually had any interest in Quintuplets nor watched it, but his other two sitcoms were pretty fantastic. While I'm glad he's got a gig as Conan's sidekick again, I liked how in these sitcoms he's a lot more grounded.
I wish they'd release an "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" DVD. Such a good show.
Andy Richter Controls the Universe is on DVD. It was released in February. Go get it! I love that show so much.

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