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August 20 2009

"Trust in Joss, 'cause he's not gonna steer you wrong". Kelley Deal of The Breeders on why she's a huge Joss fan (and why she wants to say sorry to him about Dollhouse).

I believe the internet phrase is "Made of win".
I was a Breeders fan way back in the day. It's nice when two fandoms collide.
Nice find, Simon! Cool interview.
The Breeders R awesome.
The two fandoms collided in season 7 of Buffy when The Breeders played The Bronze. Such a great song too.
I remember reading that interview on pitchfork and contemplating whether it was worth putting it on the front page here. I decided not too, since I was worried I would link it wrong or something and people would internet yell at me.

If I remember correctly, It seemed like the pitchfork guy was more down on Dollhouse than Kelley Deal was. She had only seen a couple of episodes and asked him if it got any better, and he said "a little bit better, but still not great" or something like that.
Actually mortimer the interviewer says:

I was lukewarm on the first few episodes, but it got epic. I think it was FOXís fault that the first ones kind of failed. I think itís a great show though.
I think mortimer was rehashing the pitchfork-interview, not the one linked here, Let Down.

Very nice find, Simon. I was also a big Breeders fan and was very happy to see them in "Him".

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