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August 20 2009

Dollhouse Season 2 promo pics. Nine new ones and three you might have seen before.

The larger versions are there, someone just needs to grab them and put them elsewhere. I only have access to the slightly larger web resolutions, not the much larger print resolutions.
New Season promo pics always makes me excited. I was so bummed when UPN didn't do any new pics for Season 7 of Buffy.
I like it!
*waits for larger versions*
Aye I changed the link.
I like how they're all posed apart from eachother. Like action figures/dolls !
And Eliza actually in a dollhouse (one assumes), that's different.
Eliza in a dollhouse made me think of Pushing Daisies. The colors and all. Interesting concept for a promo pic, I like it.

And Enver... Very very dreamy.
Those are crazy awesome. Eliza looks stunning, but, as a straight guy, Mr. Kranz just looks immense.

Who's taking bets on either the factory or the colourful place is the attic ? So obvious nobody thinks it. ;p
I like the dayglo dollhouse shots of Eliza better than last season's mannequins. (Hmm, if the mannequins ended up the Season One DVD art, will the dayglo dollhouse be Season Two's?)
I like the lamp in the solo Eliza pics....what? no one else was looking at the lamp?
These are all dreamy. I think I have a crush on the entire cast.
Also, goes without saying but... OMG, Dichen looks stunning in the black dress pic.
I really like how different these are from the S1 promo pics. Still sexy for everybody, but so much more pulled back and depressing, even. Going from a shiny, fancy, spa setting to a run-down warehouse. I think I like where the show is going. For whatever reason I enjoy watching characters' lives get really frakked up.
Woah! I love the colour saturation in those shots of Eliza. Totally different look.

(And I, too, liked the lamp.)
Made a season 2 premiere graphic out of one of the dollhouse ones.
The second bright yellow dollhouse one makes a great widescreen wallpaper at full resolution (the top gets chopped off, but you only miss some ceiling and it looks amazing).
In the warehouse group shot, Dichen is absolutely fierce. That may be the best photo of her I've seen. Yowzer!
And as Taffy says, always wear comfortable shoes.
That premiere graphic's nice, B!x!
Gettin excited hur! :P

Olivia's new haircut is sexy.

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These are brilliant! I'm so excited for s2. The promos are much better than last season.
Tore my eyes away long enough to notice this:
Season Premiere: Friday, Sept. 18 (9:00 - 10:00 PM ET/PT)

It hasn't changed again, has it?
Forget the lamp, check out the chair. It's very similar to Eero Saarinen's Tulip chair from 1956. Oh wait, is no one else a modern furniture design geek? :P Well, it was also used on the original Star Trek series, if that appeals to this group more.

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Nevermind, the date is already changed.
oh wow, they've definitely knocked Victor and Sierra up a knotch. Seriously the hottest pairing ever ♥

Although I can't say I'm happy with the Olivia change. Joss, let her grow it out again or style it differently please :P
Hm, is Olivia's hair was just pulled back maybe?
It's amazing how huge the "original" cast photo is with it still being so clear. Sorry, I haven't quite fully embraced the technological capabilities of 2009.
Yeah, b!X - that looks supe-ah.
Eliza does look comfortable handling that Glock, but you really should not put your finger on the trigger until you're ready to shoot something.

/Everyone else notices the furniture, I notice the gun. What does that say about me?
What I like best about the dayglo dollhouse shots, or really mainly the seated one, is that unlike the "lost amidst a sea of mannequins" of last season this one gives Eliza a knowing face and ass-kicking clothes. Like she knows where she is, but don't worry because she knows what she's doing.
Not a fan of these Photoshop paintings based on photos. Even babies have more lines under their eyes than what they've given Olivia Williams (just picking one of the more mature cast members since humans have lines as they age, and because she's one of my favorites). Probably the only cast member who actually looks like her photo is Dichen Lachman, and that's the exception.

Anyone else notice that Boyd & Paul's shadows in that group pic are going behind and to their right, Eliza's is going towards the viewer, and the rest are going ahead and to the left? Interesting lighting in that place.

What does Eliza's tattoo say? I can't make it out in that promo pic at the bottom.

And that Echo-with-a-Gun-in-a-Dollhouse....thud.

That's the sound I'd make if I tried to wear those wicked boots.
Victor seems to be his best. This confuses and intrigues me.
@frostcircus Hear hear.

I am officially smitten with Victor, Adelle, Topher and Sierra in that order.
Everyone else notices the furniture, I notice the gun. What does that say about me?

Well, I notice that she's holding her gun (= phallic) right at her groin... paging Dr. Freud! So where does that put me?
Well, it suggests your eye is drawn either to guns or to groins or maybe just to the convergence. Your eye may be a bit pervy.

And **SPOILERS**, they all cast a shadow ! Great, now we know none of them are vampires, way to go Simon/B!x. And no tag in sight, sheesh ...

Aaahhhh, *happy sigh*. The return of the safecracking boots ;).

I like the Eliza pictures in the dollhouse, the dark, slightly racy clothes (and gun) clash well with the surroundings.

The rest of the photos aren't as interesting but luckily the people in them are crazy good-looking (Dichen in the sort of sunburst print dress especially).
I like these pics better than the season 1 images. Although obviously photoshopped (though what isn't these days?), I think these images feel a bit weightier, a bit more tethered to reality and hopefully suggesting exciting new levels of darkness!

I could see what they were trying to do with the light, ethereal feel of the season 1 promo pics but they just didn't work for me the way these ones do.

I'm also disappointed that there aren't any sexy pics of Miracle Laurie this time around!
There's also this.

Btw b!X's graphic is ace.

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We saw that last month gossi.

Joss' love for The Matrix knows no bounds.

I was actually thinking about this the other day. How do you make Dollhouse - well - work?

Answer: Matrix it up a bit. The first season, to me, was about hate. I've said this before. The characters all hate each other - except maybe Topher and Boyd (they had the slashy internal hatefest). Late season two or three, to me, should be edging into Epitaph One timeline. Have them working together. Have them loading Echo up with mad skills and kickin' the shit out of the viewers face.
Have them loading Echo up with mad skills and kickin' the shit out of the viewers face.

Chuck season 3?
A knowledge of kung-fu is a terrible thing to waste.
Well, mad skills doesn't have to be kung-fu. Although it should definitely include it, if you ask me.

I want to see Adelle's reaction to Rossum when they get to stealin' Victor. Fight tech with tech, that's what I'd do.
How do you make Dollhouse - well - work?

It already does
Not for me, if you take the first half of the season anyway. Obviously, there's a fan base there and I'm not knockin' people who truly invest in it - but I think there's a whole other level this show could - and should - step up to. The game is much bigger in the show than 'Here's a popstar episode'. If you can up the stakes and draw people into the characters, the conflicts and the world - you'll get a bigger audience and many more seasons. I believe they can tweak things over time to do this. I mean, the show is about the potential destruction of civilisation. That becomes event TV.

They've already done this to some extent. Paul actually has something to do in season two, for example.

[ edited by gossi on 2009-08-21 12:06 ]
Yeah but surely it steps up to the other level by the second part of the season (assuming your point that the first half wasn't so great is true) ?

Personally, season 2 seems a bit early for Echo to become "weaponised" but if the end-point is her becoming a total person then it's a natural step along the way (and I suspect that Eliza kicking ass - preferably in those boots if there's any way at all she could keep her balance ;) - would get many more bums on seats) and if that's not the end-point (as E1 and possibly 'Omega' seem to suggest) then why not use her, in that sort of war any active would make a more or less perfect soldier.

There's a nice symmetry in using Echo to defend Caroline's right to existence by effectively removing Echo's right to the same, if the show (and Echo) didn't seem to be saying Echo < Caroline then it's be a great tragic arc.

I want to see Adelle's reaction to Rossum when they get to stealin' Victor. Fight tech with tech, that's what I'd do.

It'd be entertaining to watch. And they could screw with Adelle by having the technology escape because she fought fire with fire.

What I think would be cool would be the original and the imprint "talking" to each other, like the imprint becomes a sort of internal wingman/tutor. Admittedly this is partly because I believe the natural end-point of all fiction should be "Rogue Trooper".
Yeah but surely it steps up to the other level by the second part of the season

Oh, definitely. I think the last three episodes are great, in particular Omega and Epitaph One for kickin' it up a bit. But I still think the audience can fall in love - I mean, complete fan love - with those characters. There's a whole other level there.

There's been all sorts of arguments about why Dollhouse got renewed from a financial point of view, but I think the biggest one which gets lost is this: it can be so much better of a show. Pretty sure it will be, too. I know with a lot of shows they say 'There's so much you can do with these characters!', but in the Dollverse I think that is actually true. They don't need to have a how-Adelle-got-her-tattoos episode or Topher-flying-a-kite. They get to do how-far-will-Boyd-go-to-save-Claire.

I absolutely think the reason the show hasn't yet had the kind of love thrown at Firefly is purely down to audience connection to the characters. There's no reason they can't fix that.
I would like to see how autonomous each Dollhouse is and if they rivals with each other? I'm kinda viewing them as semi-independent city states.

And as the season goes, find out more on who is really pulling the strings.
Some kind of AGM where all the dollhouse "madams" (some of whom may well be "sirs" - or would that hit the patriarchal exploiter idea too much on the nose ?) meet could be very cool, they could tease out all sorts of interpersonal rivalries between them and in general seeing more about the other dollhouses is a really natural way to expand the universe I reckon.

I absolutely think the reason the show hasn't yet had the kind of love thrown at Firefly is purely down to audience connection to the characters. There's no reason they can't fix that.

I agree about the connection thing gossi, I reckon it is a big part of what put folk off BUT I disagree that it (now) needs fixing and I also disagree with the implication that it was initially broken rather than just emerging gradually (you may know more about that though, straight from the horse's mouth so to speak ;).

To me the way it was hard to like (let alone love) most of the characters early on is an essential aspect of a) a genuine workplace set drama and b) what these characters are actually doing. If we instantly connect with e.g. Adelle (as we did with the Firefly characters) then we instantly think "Well, she's not all bad", it's just human nature to see the best in people we like, it kind of throws us a bone in a very morally dark/ambiguous place. I didn't want to be thrown a bone that early on, I wanted to wallow to some extent in the darkness of the idea without having the lifeline of likeable characters (likewise though, 'Echo' goes too far the other way IMO by showing her being so willing to murder Ballard, I don't want to immediately hate her either, I want, basically, to feel like I don't know her. Because at that point I shouldn't - we've just met).

(sort of same reasoning BTW, Boyd is probably the biggest conundrum in the house IMO, just because he seems so straightforwardly good and decent. Or at least, I hope he's a conundrum rather than just a very clumsy "access character" for the audience to latch onto. In the immediate future - e.g. S2E1-6 ish - I wouldn't mind seeing a bit more about why he's there)

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