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August 21 2009

(SPOILER) Guild Crew at BlizzCon in Anaheim. Felicia Day and the cast of The Guild held a panel Friday afternoon at BlizzCon in Anaheim. They showed a preview of the third season opener of the show, as they did at Comic-Con, showed a preview of the whole season, and took questions.

How cute is this picture of Sandeep and michele!
What? The program says they are supposed to be on Saturday? Hmm
I heard that someone asked Felicia an extremely personal question. Geez, some people just have no manners, no social skills and no clue whatsoever- she deserves more respect.
Is this the event Felicia was assembling Ikea furniture for. Sounded strange have the guest put together furniture for their panel.
I'm pretty sure the furniture was for The Guild's booth, rather than their panel.
Although thinking about it, the assemblage of Ikea furniture would make a great plotline in itself for an episode, and tickles me no end.
Well, that's one episode for season 4
I saw her a few times around the convention. She seemed to be having fun despite the occasional creepy nerdgasm when a fanboi saw her.

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