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August 22 2009

WET demo on the EU PlayStation Store. In the game, Eliza Dushku voiced the main character.

Looking forward to playing it a bit later.

What's the connection here?
Eliza Dushku voices the lead character, Ruby. I'll put that in the title.
Any chance the demo will be on Xbox Live?
Also, let it be known that the Demo isn't available yet on the American Playstation Store, only the European Store. Hopefully next Thursday *crosses fingers*

There's probably a Demo on Xbox Live as well. Not sure.
-DED-, that's true then? I thought I saw people saying its on there. I changed the title (again!) to fit. There doesn't seem to be a demo on XBL yet.
Yup, sadly it is true. I'd LOVE it to be on there. Guess I gotta wait. Which is fine. How is the demo?
I hope it's up soon, I'm eager to try it out.

EDIT: Nevermind, it appears that it's not available in some countries, and that includes Belgium. :(

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It's not on the Xbox Live service here in the UK. And staying on topic, did anyone here play the recent Neil Patrick Harris voiced game?
The "Matt Hazard" one? Nope, I haven't played it. Heard it was kind of atrocious, though.

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