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August 22 2009

The show lives through the fans. An interesting discussion of a new Firefly fanvid that focuses more on the state of being fans than the show itself. A link to the vid, Hard Sun, is at the top.

"I think the collective experience of fandom is beautifully portrayed here, through the use of scenes that most vidders have experienced...It's an experience that makes us stand apart in most groups in our every day life, but that globally unifies us as fans. I thought the use of footage from various places around the world (Canada, New Zealand, US, UK,...) just added to the whole concept in that respect."

Didn't easily see the link to the meta.
Here it is:
Loved the vid. To me, it said that the Sereniverse can be part of our lives, without being the Sum total of our lives.
The vid is excellent - plus if you look closely you may even see me ;)
Love the vid - almost like "these things remind me of the verse". Not chronological, but emotionally connected. Even reminds me a little of Mapplethorpe, with scenes being played on a tv screen in the video.
This vid is quite amazing, one of the best fanvid I've seen..
The song, for some reason, sounds to me like something I'd listen while walking and thinking about BtVS...But that doesn't fall far from the spirit of the vid, I guess..;-)

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