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August 22 2009

(SPOILER) Oscar winner enters Dollhouse. Michael Ausiello has news of a new guest star on Dollhouse.

Edited to reflect spoilers for Dexter.

Awesome news! He was brilliant on Dexter.
Dunno if you wanna mention theres a spoiler for Dexter's new season ^_^

(well, it might be a spoiler...dunno if its general knowledge he's returning)

Great news anywho.
I gotta say, I'm really impressed with the guest stars they're getting for this season. For all the talk of reduced budgets and whatnot, they're certainly not skimping at all on talent. They're not saving money by shooting the show on webcams this season, are they? "Madame DeWitt's Sing Along Blog"?
I've edited it lest any Dexter-fan be accidentally spoiled.
"In Joss Whedon’s Fox series (returning September 25), the Nashville Oscar winner will play a powerful businessman by the name of Matthew Harding."

Matthew Harding was a powerful businessman here in the UK, before being killed in a helicopter crash. Maybe Fox will suggest a name change?
Most reassuring to me in Dollhouse casting news so far this season is the multi-episode characters. That's nice and arcy, not standaloney.
Am I right in thinking he didn't win an Oscar for acting?
I love Keith Carradine! This is awesome.
You are right Simon. It was for original song in Nashville.
I saw "He was brilliant on Dexter" and I was hoping for Jimmy Smits. Keith Carradine is great too, though.
So it's the Kevin Bacon game, as he is on Dexter with Julie Benz. Which begs the questions, can't remember if they ever shared screen time there.

Anyway, great news. Wonder who'll he be playing. A head of another Dollhouse would be very interesting (my personal speculation). I can picture him facing Olivia. Scratch that, that's what I get for commenting before seeing the link. As someone already pointed out, it almost feels like that they're not working with a lower budget than last season.

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2009-08-22 22:48 ]
my brother: "Isn't he the dead guy from Kill Bill?"

me: [uncomfortable] "That was David" [/uncomfortable]
Woa. Nice catch!

Go Team Dollhouse!
Did anyone else chuckle at his "Dexter" character being described as "Deb's Fed ex"? That totally amused me. I don't know if the show has made that joke, or if it was Ausiello's little wordplay, or if the fandom calls him that, but whoever originated it, good on them!

I wish I had something more constructive to add, but I'm not overly familiar with Mr. Carradine. I am excited to hear anything new about "Dollhouse," however. It makes it all feel more real, you know?
Keith Carradine was Wild Bill Hickok on Deadwood. Joss got Wild Bill. Awesome. Just effing awesome.
Casting fun aside, Joss should appear in the show, like he did in Veronica Mars, as a client and asking for Echo. Now that be freaky, haha
I, too, would like to see Numfar return to our screens again.
Altman and Whedon are my two favorite directors/creators/geniuses so this makes perfect sense to me. If you haven't seen Nashville, do yourself a favor and settle in for a great movie.
He's in the J-Mo-pus.

I have a feeling J-Mo-pus isn't going to catch on. It's the -pus.
It really is the -pus, Pointy.

Great news, though! Keith Carradine was fantastic on Deadwood and Dexter, so this makes for his third brilliant show starting with a "D."
It'd be great to get another Oscar winner (but for acting) popping up as a doll for meta-commentary... Maybe this is just since I really dig those ads for Julie and Julia where Meryl Streep's Julia Child sort of makes me think of Mr. Bill meets Muppet.
They do have a thing with Dexter, huh? Last season Liza Lapira, now Carradine. I think it's great because Dexter is also a show with ridiculously good casting choices, so there's nothing to complain about.

(Wondering if "two episodes" means "two consecutive episodes".)
Keith Carradine was brilliant as a bad guy on "Criminal Minds", which is another connection to the Whedonverse through Nick Brendon.
Is Keith Carradine going to be in the same episodes as Alexis! It would be so cool to see Keith Carradine and Alexis in the same scene together!
Is Keith Carradine going to be in the same episodes as Alexis! It would be so cool to see Keith Carradine and Alexis in the same scene together!

If we interpret Alyson's tweet as meaning that Alexis is in the first four episodes, then they will both be in 2x04. But we actually don't know if Alexis is in consecutive episodes or spread over the season.
I just found out today that Keith was also Wild Bill Hickok in Deadwood! I did not recognize him at all. I loved Bill Hickok!
This is exciting news for Dollhouse! I have always liked Keith's work. He was an excellent Wild Bill in Deadwood. I was sad he was killed off so early in the season.
While he's not "the dead guy", he IS the brother of David Carradine. I will never understand how people cope with death so fast.
Wait, Lundi was Wild Bill Hickok? Didn't notice that either. Both were amazing roles, so it's great to have him onboard! And I see Alexis is in too! My dream has come true! What more could we wish for? Awesome.

[ edited by the Groosalugg on 2009-08-24 21:00 ]
This upcoming TV season of Dollhouse is going to be awesome!!!!

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