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August 22 2009

Dollhouse S1: SE DVD Australian release on the way. Looks like we can expect an announcement in coming weeks regarding the Australian release of Dollhouse Season 1 on DVD, given that it was classified by the Office of Film and Literature Classification on Thursday....

Oh, damn. I've just bought the region 1 version.
Yay! My local comic store has the US version imported and I've been desperately trying to hold off on buying it.
Who isn't Eliza Dushka? Deep down.
Fantastic! I'm so excited to see the unaired episodes :)
EzyDVD now have it listed as coming soon

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Did people think it wasn't going to be released in Australia?
I think it's a matter of when rather than if.
I wanted it to be out so I could buy a copy as a prize for our CSTS. Don't think it'll be out in time, But that won't stop me buying it for myself :D
EzyDVD now have it listed as coming soon

It's been like that for a long while, actually.
I wonder if the Special Edition will have any extra features on it.
Well, it'll probably have 'Special Edition' on the cover so that's instantly better value for money. And it'll obviously also work upside down. Bonus.

Maybe the viral vid-lets ?
Or they could be the unsold Comic Con DVDs repackaged :p.
I'm not sure if there were that many unsold Comic Con DVD's. My Mum didn't pick up her copy until early on the Sunday, where she was told she was lucky to get one as there were very few copies left. (It seems that negotiating your way through the pre-payment debacle was no guarantee of actually having a copy held for you.)

Back to OT, it will be interesting to see what the Oz DVD sales are. Given that very few people actually shell out for cable (FOX 8) here, I'm not sure if many people are even aware that the show exists. And truthfully, the die hards probably long ago downloaded the entire series. But let's not open that particular wormy can.
Die-hards are also likely to buy the DVD though surely ?

Otherwise they're only die-semi-hards. Ahem.
Not so much die hards but semi-soft you mean?

I've been seeing the Aussie's tweet about the show though :) - they like their Mr Whedon!
Can't wait for this! Although not picnicking or anything, but that EzyDvd listing did not mention Epitaph One on it (as far as I can tell)...
I've seen every episode online, but I'll still definitely be buying the dvd... I think sales will be good in Australia as long as they put "by Joss Whedon" all over the front cover. we only got firefly (out of order) on channel ten at around 1am and I don't even think they showed the whole series, yet lots of aussies bought that.

I'm Australian, by the way.

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Thanks for the heads up, you often can't tell by looking.


Not so much die hards but semi-soft you mean?

Speaking as a guy I have to say I think that's a very glass half-empty way to look at it ;).
I thought they showed it on Ch 7? Serenity tends to get screened on 10, it was on tonight wasn't it?

I put a blurb about Dollhouse in our program at last year's CSTS. but I am finding that not many have heard of it here, but those that have, mostly are enjoying it.
Oh, that explains the, "Violence and sexual references" warning. I was curious about that;).

I wasn't aware that region 4 hadn't been released yet. Is that correct? Whatever, the unaired episodes "Echo" and "Epitaph One" are well worth the cost of this DVD set. Besides, you never get tired of watching that doll Eliza on the silver screen, right?
That's right it was 7... Serenity was on channel ten last night, and I watched it (even though I've got the DVD)... I enjoyed it alot more watching it again.

I think the first time I watched it at the movies I was worrying too much about whether it would be enjoyable for the unconverted. this time I just enjoyed it for what it is.. a great movie for a fringe audience of weirdos like us.

Personally I'd say that firefly the series is much more accessible to a larger audience that Serenity (due to the general tone)

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Already got mine ordered from the States. Do they really expect us to wait? Honestly.
Already got mine ordered from the States. Do they really expect us to wait? Honestly.

Of course they do, and there are plenty of people that will. I know I will. Even if it means I'll probably be waiting until late this year, I don't mind. After Firefly and the lukewarm reviews the first half of the series got I'm willing to be patient.

Got Avatar and Farscape to buy first. And Scrubs to finish. I know they don't disappoint me, as much as I hate to say it theres a chance dollhouse still might, staying completely spoiler free (yeah, you can still read reviews, just have to be careful) and after missing the pilot episode waiting for a marathon on FOX8 or the DVD is what I'm happy to do. And downloading shows? That's so 2007.
Right after I ask a friend in the States to buy the US blu-ray version for me as she's visiting me next month... figures.

Ah well, our store will still carry it and pimp the series to anyone who walks through our door. :D Granted 1 out of 2 customers are Whedon fans already. lol
Great news for those Aussies who haven't seen Epitaph One. Just read in the SMH Guide that "FOX8 will screen the 'missing' 13th episode of the cult Joss Whedon hit Dollhouse." However, "no airdate has been set". Please make it soon!
The air date is: Tuesday September 1 at 8.30pm on FOX8

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