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September 02 2002

(SPOILER) SciFi's poll this week asks: "Eliza Dushku will again play Faith in episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Would you like Faith to come back for good?" Go vote.

When I voted, 71% was in favour of making her stay for good.

70% in favor of keeping Faith when I voted, but at least "Make Dawn the new Slayer" was still coming in 3rd!
Yes, Faith should stay for good. Let SMG leave the show and rebrand next season as Faith The Vampire Slayer starring Eliza... if she'll have it. ^_^
Am I the only one who found Faith one dimensional and boring? If they bring her back, I hope it turns out that she's spent the time away developing a personality that runs deeper than bad bimbo girl.
I think her personality was pretty multi dimensional. Faith was forever struggling between good and bad (note she did tell Buffy how to defeat The Mayor, in the shared dream they had), and I think her character was a reflection on what happens to a Slayer when she doesn't get (or loses) the Watcher she deserves and doesn't have a network of friends Buffy like has.

I think the complexity of her character is on show in the episode where Buffy and Faith switch bodies (Who are you, S4x16) and Faith gets to experience Buffy's life for a bit. it disturbs her no end and when (after Faith saves the day) they finally battle it on in that church, Faith is screaming at Buffy how disgusting she is... and it's obvious she means herself.

She was on her way to some sort of redemption when she fled to L.A., eventhough she was seriously disturbed. When we saw her last, in prison, she was on her way to recovery.

I always found Faith far more interesting than Buffy herself, who frankly irritates the hell out of me.

Anyway, that's my take on it. Love me some Faith.

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