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August 23 2009

New Whedon fansite - Looks shiny.

I actually really like the looks of this site... It seems to have a lot of photos or promotional material up that are sometimes a little difficult to find.
It's no, that's fer sure. I still remember their "Join up and get free immortality" offer. And there were biscuits.
Wow, spam advertisingtastic...

And that layout may have passed in about '98 but times they are-a-changin'.
Overall, I think the website is very well done. You can see that a lot of time has gone into its construction. Two things I would change: The photo gallery, sucks having to click on each individual pic instead of just clicking "next" and being able to cycle through that way. Also, might want to consider toning down the color of the font, the bright red is hard on my eyes. lol.

Other than those two little details, nothing bad to say. Most of the pics in the photo gallery I have actually seen, but there were a few rare gems in there. Seeing all the pics was a nostalgic trip down memory lane, it will be nice to have them all in one place.

I think the site is off to a great start. :)
Aside from my deep abiding hatred of Comic Sans, that site doesn't look half bad. Always glad to see other Whedon-y sites on the web, 'cause it means that the fanbase is still growing.
Heavy on the flash? No thanks!
I concur with the hatred of Comic Sans. It fills me with Hulk-type rage. I like that the site's dedicated to preserving everything Whedon that would be lost as the Internet marches on. It just needs a different layout...
It's extremely slow because of the excessive coding on the front page...
Let me add my 'grr, argh' to the Comic Sans thing...blech! I'd be much more inclined to poke around were it not for that.
I dunno. It don't bother me.
Comic Sans walks into a bar, bartender says 'we don't serve your type here.'

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