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August 23 2009

(SPOILER) The Full Georges Jeanty Slayalive Q/A For Buffy #27. Lots of interesting bits in this one.

The answer to #23 in particular seems to confirm what a few people have called in previous discussion threads.

Unless of course Georges is teasing us.
But that was easy to call, I really think.

In fact, I think this is the only really interesting comment he made: " will go in a totally new direction." This suggests the events at the end of S8 are game, or world, changers.
Regarding the answer to #23, I really hope that doesn't happen, even if it's been foreshadowed a lot already. I feel like I haven't been reading/remembering very well--I had no idea we were supposed to be paying attention to a "prince" or a "mole."
Damn, now we'll never know who that D means, Mr. Jeanty.
Xander hooked up with who? Dawn?
Is he really implying that Xander hooked up with Dracula?
Oh the possible names for that one shot.
Okay, Dracula would be a worse route than what I was thinking before.
When the D... came up I thought of Dracula. Of course it's Dawn....right? Right? Kind of spoilery to even say that, or even joke about it though.

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A Xander/Dawn hookup is just creepy, creepy, creepy. I expect that's the direction they're going in, but I really hope they don't.
D...ark Willow?
Drusilla? Cos' that would be just...holy crap!
Dr. Horrible?

Personally a Xander/Dawn shippy development wouldn't bother me at all.
Xander/Dawn hookup?....Cool.
Also liked hearing some love for Spike from Georges.
And i agree, we still don't know wether Buffy knows Spike's alive. For such a huge character, Spike has had little to no exposure this season, almost as if everything about him is being kept a secret and low-profile. Curious as to what Joss is cooking up.

Edit: Oh wait, now I suppose I'm a target too. Dammit!

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I am glad that the "Buffy not knowing Spike is alive issue" has been brought up.

If Andrew had told Buffy, she would've come to LA to see for herself in Angel season five. So I believe Andrew has kept mum on this little tidbit.
Nooooooooo, One true b!x! Nooooooooo......
From what we`ve seen, isn`t Dracula actually ridiculously old and decrepit-looking and his youthfulness is just a glamour of sorts ? 'Cause if so, that makes a Dracula/Xander pairing kinda nasty (but their bizarre little friendship and/or master/slave relationship still weirdly endearing). Otherwise, it might be sorta hot, or at least interesting for what it would mean for Xander`s attitudes toward vampires...but then again, so many fans would start complaining that Season 8 is turning everyone bi...

The writing`s been on the wall for a Dawn/Xander pairing for a long while now, even if it was just as easily interpreted as awkwardness + them being buds (and for a while I thought that might be the mislead). On the show, I would`ve thought it was a little weird. Not that the characters are so far apart in age or life stage anymore and Dawn`s, what, 19 or 20 to Xander`s 25 ? But maybe that`s the betrayal (from Buffy's point of view). Yeah, I know, I know, from Xander`s perspective--it`s Buffy`s little sister ! But she grew up. And it could lead to some worthwhile character dynamics, if well-played. I just don`t wanna see it on-panel much, heh.
Kris; I think you're confusing the Oldman movie (and, sort of, Stoker's book) with the Buffyverse Dracula. Maybe
Re: the oldness, you mean ? No, I'm not confusing things with Bram Stoker's version (even though Buffy's owes a lot to that). We've seen Buffy's Dracula as a wizened-looking man in the comics. At least once, maybe twice. When he's alone, I believe. And I don't think it was just him seeing himself as old, he was actually physically old (but not in a really-old-vampire way like how The Master looked different and a 1000 year old vamp like Kakistos got cloven hands and whatnot). It's either in the "Wolves at the Gate" arc from this season or the "Antique" short story in the Tales of the Vampires collection where Xander is enslaved. I'm not home, so I can't check my comics.
I think both "WatG" and "Antique" showed Dracula looking considerably decrepit.
Perhaps he was turned when he was an old man (the historical Vlad the Impaler maybe?), so he's always been old. Uses the young man glamour for appearances/the sake of vanity.

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