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August 24 2009

Dollhouse's 'Epitaph One' to be shown in Australia. But it will be retitled as 'The Future Project'.

Someone forwarded us the press release for it this morning, it was somewhat jaw dropping.

I can kinda understand what they're doing. Drawing in new viewers in with a 'new' programme so that once they find out it's a continuing series, they'll catch on to Dollhouse.

But, The Future Project? Really?
Worst. Title. Ever.

Well, maybe not ever. There have been many horrible titles, after all. But it is clumsy, and uninspiring, and oh, so dull. Sounds like the title of a 12-year-old's fan fiction.

I mean, yay for it being aired an' all, but... God, that title stinks.
Bizarre. I agree; horrible title.
Maybe they should just re-title all episodes, the result would be disastrous.
very weird... nice to hear that the show has been popular in Australia though (at least for that small percentage of us who actually shell out for foxtel over here)

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Maybe they should just re-title all episodes, the result would be disastrous.

Better still, swap titles, thus making it impossible to talk about across markets. This wouldn't have happened under the empire, that's all i'm saying.

(does 'The Future Project' have some cultural resonance in Australia ? Cos otherwise, not only is it a pretty terrible title, lacking intrigue and anything remotely like poetry, it's also just inaccurate as to the contents)
You know, mortimer, I find it kind of bizzare how low the cable percentage is over here >:(.
For me, im not obsessed by televsion by any means, but I dont really think there is one show I currently watch thats on Free-to-Air anymore. Even shows like Rove, and the Chaser, or whatever, I dont really watch anymore. Any 'hit' show thats worth my viewership I, like most, grab on torrent. But there are maybe 10 to 20 shows I watch and like and they are all scattered across all the various cable channels, plus they are all recorded for me by the IQ, and I just couldnt imagine living only with the 4 channels.
It feels like, for some strange reason, 90% of the country want to live like it was 1993 still. But its not. Life is easier now and they just dont seem to notice. Do they still pop in a VCR and record and pause in the ad's? Come on. Plus its not THAT expensive. Its like just paying for broadband, and everyone does that now!

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Maybe they should just re-title all episodes, the result would be disastrous.

I think 'Be Quiet Now Buffy People!' is a much better title than 'Hush'.
"The One Where Buffy Goes Invisible" ('Gone')
"One Death, Two Fights and a Vengeance Demon" ('The Body')
"The Pasty Blonde Guy from 'Boyzone'" ("The Zeppo")
Speaking as an Aussie (albiet one that hasn't lived there for the last few years), the title "The Future Project" has no cultural resonance for me. And, Epitaph One has no bad connotations for me either. So, this makes no sense that I can understand.
Yay to the airing, even if we were beaten to the punch by SDCC, Singapore, Sweden and the UK.
Boo to the title though, it sounds like something from Procrastinators-not-so-Anonymous.

But while we're retitling can we change 'Gray Hour' to 'Grey Hour'? Ta. ;-)
What's up with the re-title? FOX8 must be worried that we won't know what "Epitaph" means.
Of course elsewhere on the web FOXTEL still calls it Epitaph One. I smell an error, not a retitle.

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I asked about it on TV Tonight.

Simon: Yes FOX8 is rebranding Dollhouse Epitaph One as The Future Project.

Of course, they probably simply saw the same press release. Confirmation using the same source isn't confirmation. ;)
This confirms my very stereotyped perception of Australia as a wild and crazy place that makes its own rules. When they're not busy with their epic struggle against the cane toads.
Confirmation using the same source isn't confirmation

If you assume that they used the same source. I think it's because "Epitaph One" sounds too much like "England won the Ashes" to Aussie ears.
Hell, why stop at episode titles? Clearly, we should rename the show The Different-Personality-Every-Week People.

From the creator of Spaceships & Horses.
Simon, as with all things Aussie, we stopped caring much about cricket after we stopped being undefeatable. So most of us wouldnt even know that the Ashes were actually on, haha. Sorry to dampen your spirits :D (I watched every test for 12 years lol, and even I didnt know till I heard we lost)
'Be quiet now Buffy people!' sounds ridiculously similar to the Japanese titles for Pokemon episodes, which are just hilarious to read.
I suppose it could be Dollhouse: The Future Project in the same sense that Needs was advertised in the US as Dollhouse: The Awakening without actually being retitled as such.
I think they should call it "Welcome To Future Town!!"
'Mad Maxine' seems a logical choice, for some values of 'logical'.

If only the main character had a car and/or deadly sharpened boomerang.

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It reminds me now of slogan on the Serenity blue poster.
At least The Future Project is shorter than what they probably wanted to call it.
"This what you will see on Dollhouse if the show lasts for 5 years."
Shh... I'm currently watching: How a Teenage Slayer Deals with the Death of a Parent

Also, Does this mean its going to get more promotion than normal? It's very odd.

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I've decided to change my name to Gossi, The Moron.
It should be noted that TV Tonight uses the term "rebranded" not "retitled", even though Simon asked about titling. I really do suspect we're talking about the equivalent of "Needs" being a special event called "The Awakening" but only for, in essence, branding purposes in advertisements.
Not that such a thing would undercut the idea that it's kind of a lame and awkward phrase even in that context.
I'm guessing the network might be concerned of scaring off new viewers, starting a new season with an episode with "Epitaph" in the title. It makes it sounds like you need to have watched what had come before, yet I think it actually works okay as a stand alone episode. Unfortunately, it sounds like no thought was put into what the new title should be.
They aren't starting a new season with it. It's airing one week after "Omega" airs.
It's just a branding thing I suspect to make it more accessible/memorable. I'm not bothered about it.

I am bothered some of the international networks appear to be getting their knickers in a twist about showing the episode 'cos, like, they all have the rights to it by default of buying the 13 episode season. Foxtel were playing the card that they didn't want to show it, and that's just lameoh.
I suspect that since an "epitaph" is a text honoring the deceased, to some ears "Epitaph One" might sound like a series finale, rather than a jump-into-the-future episode. Fox8's scheduling gurus probably spazzed (to use b!X's description) over the fear that viewers would think the show was over. Although, how many "regular" viewers even know/care what a particular episode is titled?
Yeah, see, I don't know how it is in Australia, but here in the U.S. they never mention Dollhouse episode titles on the air. (Actually, I remember some people here when "Needs" was advertised as the special "Awakening" event asking if it had been retitled.)
My god do they not believe in subtlety or just find it offensive? Not to be overly dramatic but art should be titled as the artist or artists see fit. It's not the famous painting of "That woman who knew Leonardo Da Vinci" for a reason.
(Actually, I remember some people here when "Needs" was advertised as the special "Awakening" event asking if it had been retitled.)

Really? But networks use promotional titles and taglines all the the time!
No idea re the significance of the name (there is a new show called 'The 7pm Project' but on a different network and news/entertainment) or why Fox8 felt the need to change it (it doesn't use episode titles in promotions or when screening). But a big woo-hoo to the ep being screened!

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