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August 24 2009

The Legend of Neil musical episode. Featuring Felicia Day and Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon. Not safe for work and your children. It's also brilliant.

I'm impressed that it was almost entirely the regular actors (except for Zelda, whose singing voice is Maurissa) singing their own parts. Nice to hear Felicia in a different kind of singing role too. Less Penny, more Mariah.
Wow, this was excellent. Show of hands: who is absolutely in love with Maurissa's voice? ME!
Add me to the Mo voice love. Album, please.
Name typo...
I'm a knob. Fixed.
I really love this series, it is so wildly silly and fun. And of course there is Felicia in it, and now we hear Maurissa in it too (they need to give her a role where we can see her).
And here was me thinking that this would be all about Neil Patrick Harris. I never have my finger on the pulse!

That was very funny, especially if you've played a lot of Zelda in your time! Yep - Mo is great. Husband said her voice morphs and I have to agree with him.

Although....pervy Felicia fairy scares the bejesus out of me!
"I don't know...I'm not really into online musicals." Loved that line.

Maurissa is amazing. I hope we get to hear her sing more in the future. First Remains and now this.
I'm pretty sure Maurissa mentioned there being thoughts or plans for some sort of record at some point. But I haven't been able to figure out where this was said.
I'm pretty sure Maurissa mentioned there being thoughts or plans for some sort of record at some point. But I haven't been able to figure out where this was said.

Jed announced an album "with friends" in the coming months, maybe that's what you remember?
Oh, maybe that was it. Which would explain why I couldn't find it.

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We're so pro-Mo.
Just an OT-reminder: Jed's announcement was in that very awesome interview. Some of you might have decided not to listen to it back then since it contained minor "Epitaph One"-spoilers, but now that you've all seen the ep, it's maybe worth a listen. It's a very detailed, funny and cool interview conducted on the first day of shooting "Vows".

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Sandeep just tweeted that the traffic is crashing his site.
I fancy more that it was Felicia'ed.
Horrible'd. But yes, I think Felicia singing in it had something big to do with that.

The video still works fine though. Good stuff, funny lyrics, the fairy song was pretty hilarious and yep, love hearing Felicia sing slightly different styles. Still waiting for her to totally rock out though. Maurissa has a lovely voice too.

This season of Neil hasn't been quite as consistent IMO but it's still a good laugh.
I just recently stumbled across Neil last week while working late one night. I'm glad I was all caught up for this little gem. A friend of mine has a massive crush on Felicia that I'm sure is only going to grow following this latest installment.
I normally don't even like this show, but I just can't resist musical episodes. This is the "I'm going to make all my friends watch" level of awesome.

Between this and date my avatar I'm really starting to think we need a "The Guild" musical ep. Internet musicals seem to be all the rage now, and I think it would be well suited for it.
I was at the Legend of Neil panel and since then was counting the days to see this episode again!

When Zelda started to sing I didn't recognize Maurissa's voice, but I said "Wow, Zelda is good!", and Jenni Powell (guildies know her...) was sitting next to me and said: "That's Maurissa singing...".

I was super impressed!

I wasn't a huge LoN fan at the beginning, but the final Season episodes and Season 2 has been brilliant! Can't wait to see more.
Maurissa sounds like a Disney princess. And I mean that as a compliment. Very nice. Felicia was very funny.

I'm liking this season more than the first.
Wow, I didn't want this to end.
Felicia was hilarious, and I still love her singing !
Michael said:
"I don't know...I'm not really into online musicals." Loved that line.

Or did Felicia/The Fairy say, "I`m not really into all-night musicals" ? 'Cause that`s what it sounded like to me the first time, although I just re-listened and it could be "online musicals". Would make more sense that it`s an inside joke, but then again the two fairies were going to sing to stave off depression and it looked to be during night time, so "all-night" works too.

Fun. Hadn`t watched any of Season 2 yet. The episodes are longer. Now they seem to be around 6 minutes, whereas I think Season 1 eps were usually 3 minutes.

When they finally fully show Gannon, I wonder if he`ll be boar/pig-faced or bearded-man-faced.
Sounded like "online musicals" to me, makes more sense in most ways I think (she then immediately starts singing i.e. taking part in an online musical).

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