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August 24 2009

(SPOILER) More details on Keith Carradine's role in Dollhouse. Fox has given Zap2it new info about his role and which episode he'll first appear in.

I wonder if he has something to do with Priya being sent to the Dollhouse?
I always wondered that. Did Adelle not notice that Priya wasn't really consentual in the whole signing up/being prepped process. She seems adamant the dolls are volunteers or whatever.

Anyway, maybe Keith Carradines role will address that.
Wow, if there are revelations, I'd love to see Adelle discover Priya's "real" circumstance and perhaps have her moral compass/certainty shattered. Or whatever the writers give us, I'm sure I'll love that.
Ooooo, so excited for this season! And now we wait.

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