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October 06 2003

"We are not naming our child after a witch on Buffy!" Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Thomas describes the perfect Scooby baby name.

Willow's too obvious a choice. So's Faith. I mean you might as well name her Buffy. Here's some less obvious choices which would allow a fan of BtVS to be inspired by the show, without giving their baby a name she'll regret her whole life. Madison, Tara, Darla, Glory, Cecily, Sheila, Kendra, Veruca, Dierdre, Cassie, Olivia, Gwendolyn, Drusilla (Drew for short) and Joyce.

If you wanna be daring and risk ticking off your significant other, suggest Halfrek, Chantarelle, or "Lunchlady." *smirk* Great boy baby names from BtVS would include Ethan, Parker, Quentin, Dalton, Owen, Osbourne, and Zach. *ducking*
Our boy is coming up on his third birthday in a few weeks, and his name around the house has been Xander since birth. Both my wife and I loved the show, but it was more about the versatility of 'Alexander' as a name. If he wants to be known as Alex, Lex, Xan, or anything else he bloody well chooses, so be it.

Seriously though, Xander is pretty unique. Now that we've disabused the grandparents from spelling it with a Z, we're set.
Hey! My newborn daughter arrives in January and we've already named her Willow! Obvious, my butt! Its a beautiful, strong, and resilient name.

And while most people don't name their kids after tv shows, it's not exactly unknown. Her name has been Willow ever since I found out her sex.

My two sons are named Alec, after Sir Guiness, and Tristan, after Ludlow from Legends of the Fall. Star Wars and LotF affected me profoundly and positively. So has BtVS, and especially Willow, the best character on the best television show ever written. I hope my daughter wears her name with pride!
I would put Veruca more in the second list, ZachsM, seeing as how it means "wart". :-)
If I ever have a son his name will definately be Angel.I could give him a name like Spike and make other parents cringe when I tell them I named my son is Spike but that name is too stereo-typed.Maybe something like William or Oz.Yeah definatley Oz.If I ever had a daughter her name would most absolutely be Faith.Willow would be the name of my second daughter.And if I ever get really desperate my third daughters name would be Harmony.
Hee. No one seems to be rushing to name their progeny "Buffy". Too obvious? Or just an all-around dumb name? ;-)
I think Pike summed it best "what is a Buffy?" Veruca reminds me too much of Veruca Salt (of Charlie and Chocolate factory NOT the band); too spoiled.

and yes, I love the name Buffy; but THAT came from my love of "Family Affair" with Buffy and Jody!:)
There's always "Clem".
My husband told me that he had chosen "Cordelia" for our daughter's name from King Lear, since Cordelia was the King's favoured daughter. I, being a naive twit, believed him. Once our daughter was born and registered, he told me that he chose it from Buffy/Angel. Oh well. Everyone we tell our daughter's name to, they say, "wow, that's beautiful", instead of the "you mean, from Buffy?" comment that I was expecting. I guess no one ever believes that people will really name thier kids after a tv show. Well, we did.
Buffy is actually a nickname derived from Elizabeth (although certainly, it's common for peoples' actual given names to be ones that are technically nicknames; our Miss Summers seems to have been one of them) -- it's just not one that a lot of us Elizabeths are choosing to use.
I feel it necessary to point out here though that Joyce didn't name Buffy "Elizabeth" and then call her Buffy as a nickname. Buffy Anne Summers would be on Buffy's birth certificate if for whatever reason there'd ever been a need to show it on camera. I recall some early episode where Joyce mentioned naming Buffy after an old college friend, but I can't recall the exact episode, so can't verify that it's canon. However, Buffy Anne Summers was on her tombstone in seasons five and six. Had her proper name been Elizabeth, surely they would have used it there. Anyway. I just like trying to head off that fallacy whenever I can. It shows up in fan fiction too often. Buffy is a shortened form of Elizabeth, but not in the Slayer's case.

Shifting gears here, Cordelia IS a fine and beautiful name, Genia. Your hubby shoulda stuck with the Shakespeare story, though. King Lear is one of my personal favorites. Always loved the Fool, and loved how historians theorize on the possibility that the actor who portrayed the Fool in the original performances of Lear at the Globe, may have also played the part of Cordelia. You never see them on stage at the same time.

In Shakespeare's play, both Cordelia and the Fool comprise the heart of Lear, in more ways than one. Just as Buffy and Cordy have each shown Angel how to love and how to live despite his tragic flaws. Yes. In this comparison, Angel becomes King Lear: the main protagonist with a tragic flaw. It might be interesting to learn if Whedon had Shakespeare in mind when he named Cordelia. Like both characters in Lear, Cordy was always the one who said what needed to be said at a time when no one else had the guts or the lack of inhibitions to say it, and humor worked through Cordelia in much the same way it worked for the Fool. Cordy could just get away with commenting on a situation as an outsider, like the Chorus in a Greek tragedy, when it would have sounded sour for anyone else. Cordy is sometimes the voice of the writer, especially in the early seasons of Buffy.

I also always thought that Whedon either consciously or unconsciously designed Cordelia to be a distorted mirror image of Buffy. Had she never been 'chosen' Buffy would have ended up very much like Cordelia. A spoiled homecoming queen in the cheerleading squad seeking to retain popularity among the in crowd, but not having any plans for life after school. Being a vampire slayer changed all that for Buffy, but Cordelia never had something to shake her up until her parents lost everything and she had to live on her own.

Buffy and Cordy were very much alike in so many ways, which made Cordy the natural foil and later love interest for Angel when he left Buffy for his own show. In effect for the first few seasons of Angel the Series, it was Cordy's job to show Angel how he was living life foolishly, and how to avoid tragedy. Much like both Cordelia and the Fool tried to do in King Lear. Wow. Hadn't realized this before but.. yeah. Cordy is Lear's Shadow. I'm sure a college student could write a thesis about that. Might even get a passing grade in an english or mass media course... Anyway. Sorry for the tangent, but Cordelia's a perfect name to give a child. Much inspiration and courage and potential in that name.
Right, like I said -- there's ample evidence that her given name is Buffy. My comment was in response to the person who was wondering aloud about the dearth of real-life Buffys.
Zach- I remember hearing somewhere (I think season one DVD commentary) that Cordelia was the name of a girl that Joss' wife didn't like when she was in High School. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, my memory isn't what it used to be (geez, and I am only 24 I hate to think what it will be like when I'm 50 . . . sorry internal tangent). =)

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