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August 24 2009

Felicia Day is proving that a geek community is better than broadcast. Felicia talks with FastCompany about The Guild Season 3, Dr. Horrible and working with Microsoft and Sprint.

"The Guild has garnered almost 6 million downloads on Xbox Live, another 2.5 million on MSN, and 3 million on Zune. Add the 2 million from official site, and about 12 million views on YouTube, and you're over 25 million views. The DVDs for each of the two seasons continue to rank in the top 20 comedies on Amazon."

"I don't want to take a lot of credit for it, but Joss has said that The Guild was one of the inspirations to make Dr. Horrible," says Day. He could've made it under a studio, but the point was he wanted to make it outside of the writer's strike and show you can make something successfully outside the system. I gave him my thoughts on the Internet, but he took it to another level. I am just happy he cast me in that because it was amazing, and it definitely helped my show a lot." The Guild, gained exposure though Day's role in Dr. Horrible, and that help take The Guild out of the garage."

I rest my case (from like two days ago).
What case? Was it somehow in dispute that Dr. Horrible helped further her own show?
And I still say the unbolded parts support my case. The Guild was already a hit before Dr. Horrible, and she was cast in Dr. Horrible because of The Guild. Therefore, the exposure still goes back to its humble beginnings. Getting some help halfway through (because you already got people's attention) doesn't negate how it started out. I never said it didn't help, just that it didn't make The Guild. It had already been made. In her garage.
Fingers crossed, Microsoft will repair my red-ring xBox (again) in time to catch the Season 3 premiere in a couple days. The week-behind MSN site doesn't play nice on my IBM processor (non-Intel) Macintosh.
For those who don't have Xbox Live and want your Guild fix, check out this (probably unauthorized) Youtube post in three parts of Felicia, which was streamed live from Blizzcon. It includes cast interviews from the making of Season 3, the S3 trailer, a short spoof-episode they did for Blizzcon, and Felicia giving a tour of her garden!

Pure awesome.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

ETA: The videos originally came from where you could purchase access to live Blizzcon streams for $45. While I think the archived footage is still available, they are no longer selling access. So I've tried to get the content legit, but it no longer seems to be possible.

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