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August 24 2009

The Whedonverse at the 2009 Portal Awards. Out of a bunch of nominations, the Whedonverse managed to score some nice wins: Alan Tudyk won the Best Guest Star (Television) category for his work on Dollhouse's "Omega", Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog beat out Jane Espenson's Battlestar Galactica: Face of the Enemy in the Best Web Production category, and Summer Glau was voted Best Supporting Actress (Television) for her portrayal of Cameron in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (beating runner-up Olivia Williams). Also, Whedonesque nearly won Best Web Site.

Supernatural fans can be as eager as Twilight fans, this is their second win in the website category right?. Not that I'm comparing the show (which is a lot better) with the book/movie series.

Remember not judging here, It just surprises me, as the show beat down BSG, and Ackels beat Tenant.

Although it does remind me of how it's a little powerhouse of it's own, isolated in the CW network, like Buffy was a powerhouse of it's own "hidden" at The WB.
Congratulations to Simon and all the whedonesque team! Felicidades!
It's wonderful to see Catherine Tate take Best Actress. She
was phenomenal. I'd love to see her show up in the Dollhouse.
I don't mean to be contrary, but that awards program is like a big list of Fail. I went to the Supernatural site, I've seen some episodes, and there's no way they should be winning the site or actor award EVER. I don't see any ads that won't shut up here on Whedonesque, not to mention the community we've got here and the fact that Joss actually posts here when he wants.

It's not that the acting is always horrendous on Supernatural, just that on occasion it has been and at best it's good enough to not be distracting. BSG had amazing acting on a consistent basis. Anyone beating Mary McDonnell is preposterous. As much as I love Summer, no one who knew a thing about acting would choose her over Olivia Williams, though I'm glad Summer got an award because she deserves it -- just not next to Olivia's performance.

Star Trek beats Dark Knight. I should have just started with that, so we could completely invalidate everything on this award show. Once again, love both, but... No, wait, maybe I should've started with the still living guy who did Titanic beat out the man who wrote the first science fiction EVER for lifetime achievement. This is why democracy breaks down. The people who care to vote are frakking morons.

BTW why don't we do more Supernatural news here, since Ben Edlund is one of the head writers?
PuppetDoug, I've seen Mary McDonnell's performance in BSG and Catherine Tate's performance in Doctor Who. I won't deny that Mary McDonnell is talented, but I agree with how the vote came out -- Catherine Tate well deserves to take Best Actress this year for what she did as Donna.

"This is why democracy breaks down. The people who care to vote are frakking morons."

I find this statement troubling. One of the things I love about Joss's work is his ability to offer different opinions (even those at odds with his own) in a compelling way. When democracy breaks down, in my opinion, it's often because people are (1) unwilling to accept that large numbers of others hold beliefs different from their own and (2) all too willing to dismiss those others as morons.

Or I could be wrong.
@PuppetDoug: It's not an "awards shows" for the best/most deserving; it's a who-can-stuff-the-ballots-best award. The newly-re-christened Portal Awards are open about that: multiple entries are expected. It's purely for fun and fandom.

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