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August 25 2009

Dichen Lachman to star in Star Wars tv series? Following rumours and a comment on said rumours by Dichen herself.

"I am a huge George Lucas fan; I love those movies and that would be a dream come true Id love to do it, it would be incredible," she said before suggesting: "Maybe I could be Queen of the Ewoks."

Were there rumours?
There should be. Forget the Trek TV series, put her in the next Trek movie JJ.
Star Wars != Star Trek, gossi. ;)
Oh, wow. I can't read. Give her both!
ETR: musings about a non-existent Trek TV series.

Dichen would kick ass as a Jedi knight, if she'd be up for the stunts etc. She'd be a good queen of the Ewoks too, I wouldn't even mind if she were covered in fur... I've said too much.

(and that's good intel re: Ewok Tibetan, saving that for Triv, where it may or may not ever come up)

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Totally agree that Dichen would make an awesome Jedi Knight.

As for the rumours, this is the first I'd heard of them too but whoever wrote that article seems to have heard some. That said, the live action Star Wars TV series was meant to have begun casting earlier this year, so it's possible.

On a general Star Wars note, check out this game (!) trailer here. Sometimes I think other people better understand what made Star Wars great than Lucas himself. I'd love to see whoever directed that trailer get their own show rather than this animated Clone Wars stuff that's been going on at the moment...

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Isn't she kind of busy with Dollhouse?
Aww crap- speculation of Dichen working elsewhere means Victor and Sierra are gonna get it together, and then...
That bit about the Ewoks speaking Tibetan is my new favorite piece of trivia ever. And her suggestion about being Queen of the Ewoks makes me like her even more.
I have the Ewok celebration song in my head now!
mortimer/missb: I wouldn't worry about any Dollhouse implications just yet. It's not scheduled to go into production until 2010 (it was meant to start this year (in Australia, I believe) but it was delayed). I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't start airing until 2011.
I'm semi-looking forward to this show and the little I know about it. With Dichen possibly getting a role only makes it better. Can't wait to know the entire casting - it's gonna be great!
Interesting about the language. At the time I was a grad student in anthropology and according to one Professor who'd seen it in Africa, some of the language was recognizably one of the local languages where he was working (I've forgotten which one now), and that one of the phrases uttered was "If you understand me come here," at which point people would get up and rush up to the screen.

I see that Wikipedia supports Tibetan as the source.
I think a lot of the alien languages in the series had some sort of root in real languages. I suppose that slightly made the job easier for the sound folk who had to create distinct sounding species.

Anyway, since they filmed the prequels in Australia I suppose that might give Dichen a shot if she's ever on some offtime. And hasn't Lucas said he's a Buffy fan before? (Or was that Spielberg? I remember hearing Amy Acker's cameo in Catch Me If You Can came about because of Angel?)
I think I remember Lucas's kids were huge Buffy fans.Lucas along with his kids even visted the Buffy set back in season 4 too.
I can hear teddy bears singing . . . "Dichen Queen-of-the-Ewoks Lachman!"

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