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August 25 2009

Learning to die: 23 fictional schools that might kill you. I think we all know what school made this list.

Dude, in the three years I've gone to U of T, there hasn't been one sorority murder. Weird.
Okay, they got "Heathers." I'm impressed.
I like that list, some unexpected but agreeable places of education on there.
The teacher in The Wall wasn't "a leering sadist who takes the belt to his wife at home", he was a hen-pecked husband who's wife dominated him, making him take it out of the kids.

And it was clear that Sunnydale was a hellmouth before Buffy got there, no "Chicken and egg" question there.
Yay, Neptune High made the list! I think there's at least 4-5 on this list that are Whedonverse related in some way or another.
God I love Brick.

Is that title a reference to I Don't Like Mondays?
They seem to think Buffy attended Sunnydale High for four years. Sloppy research.
Nice to see Invader Zim, Brick, and Veronica Mars all getting a mention. All good stuff.
Not sure if the X-Files one should be there, since was just uno episode about it.

I miss the Billy & Mandy one.

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