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August 25 2009

Limited edition poster of A-Z of Awesomeness now for sale. Naked Joss! Hurry, there's only 250 posters available.

Neill Cameron will also autograph the poster, draw a sketch of your choice at the top along with a custom message.

Ordered! Made of awesomeness. Also B for...
Creepy the first time. Still creepy now.
Never expected to see Emu and "Just" Joss Whedon referenced in the same poster (and both naked to boot). The strangeness of the conjunction breaks my mind bottle.
The Joss part is scary, but many of the other parts are hilarious nerd-icon shout-outs and/or just plain awesome.
I snagged one, I can't wait to get it and be horrified at my impulse buy.
parsley: I'm already horrified of mine. ^^
Ordered. Also blogged.

Made my character request but I'm going to keep it to myself until I see what he does with it :)
On the mad off chance that one of these is available in 8 hours Ill be very much ordering. Grr and I was gonna top up my credit card today but I said "No Ill leave it till the morning what will I need it for"
This is the most genius thing I have ever seen.
Possibly the best $16.80 I ever spent :)
I was expecting this to be expensive, but it isn't. So I ordered and asked for Captain Hammer as the special character on a whim :).
yup! Got it too.. I got Edward Cullen begging me not to let ANGEL beat him up.
Heh :). I wonder if this'll get ordered way more than 250 times now. Will this automatically stop taking orders as soon as it hits the 250 mark or are we going to be over-ordering this?
Id assume your just not charged cause Im assuming its already gone over the 250 limit
If you use paypal you get charged immediatly.
Yeah, but maybe there'll be some kind of refund when this goes over? Anyway, I'll keep close watch on my credit card statement and my mailbox to see if the poster actually arrives.
So just bought one.
I don't think Joss's forehead is big enough. ;)

Not ordered because I don't understand most of it. Just not a comic book geek.
It's disturbing that I picked out Joss from the bunch
That's disturbing in so many ways... o_O
I have a mental image of some fan bringing one of these to a con for Joss to sign. The mind boggles.
I ordered earlier today, with a Jonathan Coulton sketch request for my kid. I had a hard time choosing between Captain Hammer, Dead Bowie, Dwight, The Stig & The Tick but I guess JoCo had a little more awesome this morning.
Or he was playing on my iPod at the time and I just decided it was easier to go with him.

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