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August 25 2009

Who's Television's Biggest Badass? River Tam Vs. Caprica Six.

Instinct vs technology?

Cavemen Vs Astronauts?

(I voted for River.)
Yea, I've gotta go with River.

Although I'd temper my support with, "If there's a resurrection ship nearby, Caprica's going to get lucky eventually."

So it's really more of a which season of BSG are we talking about question.
River, of course. Did Caprica Six ever even fight anyone?
She fought Starbuck trying to get the arrow on Caprica if I remember correctly.
Yeah she kicked Starbuck’s arse and she also beat down a few guys who were giving her a hard time onboard Galactica.

I still think River would probably win though.
Ohhh how could I forget the Caprica Six vs. Starbuck fight? Still, River would win hands down.
Is there any doubt ever?! River! She took on a whole room of Reavers for Pete's sake. I never saw Six do anything more than blow herself up, or fight one on one.

River, for always and ever.
River, no doubt. She currently has 86% of the vote so I am not alone on this...
I was never quite sure if the Cylons did have superhuman strength? Sometimes it looked as if they did and then other times they appeared to be no stronger than your average human? *head scratch*
I think the writers of BSG kinda fluctuated on the same point vamp. In the miniseries, Leoban was certainly pretty strong. I think like the Buffyverse, their strength was always just morphed into what the writers needed for the scene.
River tam no question
Hmm, depends on whether River can read her. If it doesn't work on cylons then I reckon Caprica 6 would win (we see a few instances of greater than human strength from skin-jobs, enough to assume she has it if she needs it) otherwise, the martial arts/psychic powers double whammy would be too much.

Unless there's a resurrection ship involved, then, assuming she's actually out to kill River for some reason rather than just getting into a fight with her, eventually she'd get her. The 6 only needs to be better/luckier once.

So, to sum up, definitely astronauts. No wait, cavemen. Wait, wait ...
River is not a caveman. She's a weaponized caveman. She wins.

Unless Six convinces her to jump off a cliff. Six is very persuasive.
And cliffs are so alluring, everyone feels an urge to jump when they get up high, right ? OK, just me then.

River is a caveman in a space-suit, she's like the best of both worlds.
As long as Six doesn't know a simple phrase that puts River to sleep...

I voted for River.
All I have to say is add up how many times River died vs. how many times Caprica died. Nuff said.
Caprica Six isn't the one who thought Starbuck. It was a Six on Caprica but most likely not Caprica Six. Caprica Six is the name of the Six that had a relationship with Baltar before the attack on the colonies and was later pregnant. We only saw her die once and I think the only person she killed with her own hands was a baby.
Head Six was the most badass; in seasons 1 and 2 anyway.
If anyone's still following this, it's now River vs. Buffy. (didn't think I should re-post it on the front page, since it's already been there).
It is at this point, exactly 50/50. ;)

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