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August 25 2009

Neil Patrick Harris to guest judge on American Idol. Our own Dr. Horrible becomes the eighth person to judge on AI.

Well, now they need, no, let me rephrase that, they MUST show Dr. Horrible in Neil's introduction in the beginning of the episode.

And wow, an American Idol thread. That must be a first.
I think the show might've gotten a mention back when we were all hunting for Dollhouse promos on the air.
Oooh. That'll be one episode I'll totally watch of the new ses. XD

(I haven't decided if I'm gonna watch this ses. or not lol. I only watched last ses. for Adam Lambert and there I started when they were like already in the Top 12 or whatever. XD Though I just LOVE Allison Iraheta & Kris Allen too.)
I'm anticipating Rent-love, not Horrible Awesomeness, considering the MSM source - which is fine I suppose. But a Dr. H. Shout-out would be most gleeful for the cognoscenti.
I loved last season, but I'm intrigued how this season is going to carry itself without Paula. At first I was excited to read that Katy Perry was a guest judge, but this has thrown me over the edge. I think Tarantino might end up judging one as well

It's gonna rock. Or pop. Whatever.

I hope the following season they don't go all "in front of audience-y" like Simon Cowell has done with The X-Factor. It's seriously lost some of its charm by doing that so I just hope AI stays awesome.
*sigh* And here I had planned to skip season 9 of AI after the exhausting season 8 (I got way too invested). But this is too awesome to miss.
Pretty tired of American Idol. They try to sell you a car during the show with the kids dancing around it, Ryan has a coke in his hand, they take endless commerical breaks, etc. The entire show is all about making these kids rich and famous, while everyone who watches sits at home spending time dialing or texting for their favorate. And in the end, it doesn't matter who wins because everyone has a real shot at a career.

Sorry just rambling, I don't understand why the show is still so popular. Maybe I'm just a little jaded. But realistically they don't choose great singers always, sometimes they choose people like bikini girl, which is absurd. Entertainment trumps talent I guess.
Penny would rule though. Even if the Status isn't Quo.
Just listen to her fairy recital from Legend of Neil (NSFW)
I never watch American Idol, but for NPH, I'll make an exception.
The fact that more than one kid can make some money after each year's Idol Tour is not, IMO, a bad thing. Usually at least 10 out of the 12 (or 13) finalists really can sing, so they deserve it as much as any one-hit wonder these days. What I do find odd is that they're using a Broadway-style singer after they've repeatedly dissed singers for sounding "too Broadway". On the other hand, he's leagues ahead of Victoria Beckham in the "carry a tune in a bucket" qualifier.
Actually, two or three years back we had an AI thread during the first Idol Gives Back. There was a Stayin' Alive music video featuring a whole gaggle of stars lip-syncing, including SMG.
Forgot completely about that. Yeah. Illyria is right, this was the thread.
What would NPH do!? Judge you in this case. Should be fun.

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