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August 25 2009

(SPOILER) Dollhouse Season Two is 'all about sex and murder'. E! Online has a few short interviews with some of the cast.

When they says hooting in HD, do they mean video, like Epitaph One?

And I'll be honest, when Joss said they were gonna be shooting in more of a BSG/Epitaph One style for season two, I was kinda nervous. First off, I just feel like shakycam is getting overused these days.But also, I very much like the stable, calm, professional look of Dollhouse at the moment, especially for scenes in the Dollhouse. I hope they don't go for shaky just because it's the cool thing to do.
The stable/calm look works well for scenes inside the Dollhouse became it makes everything feel very surreal and tranquil. However, I wouldnít mind them using the shaky cam more in all the other scenes. I think itís more visceral and adds more energy to the scene. Professional can also sometimes mean boring and sometimes I feel Dollhouse suffered last season from how flash it looked. I preferred the handy-down look of Btvs/Ats/Firefly/Epitaph One.

That was a great article and the interviews with Dichen, Enver, Fran and Olivia were fantastic. Iím so excited for season two!
They're shooting on video with the same DP as Epitaph One, I believe, is the correct way to put it. It is a new visual style for the show, but I believe it works better for the second season. As always with joss shows, the first season is not the same as the second as the third etc.

Season one was about introducing the characters and the technology. Season two seems more 'hey, what crazy shit can we do with this technology?'. And I don't just mean the writers asking that - there's one episode where Paul imprints somebody as a serial killer, for example.
little bit obsessive with the Enver love now
Shaky cam can also add a voyeuristic feel to a shot (though I agree it's maybe bordering on overused).

When they says hooting in HD, do they mean video, like Epitaph One?

HD is digitally stored when shot AFAIK so it may well use tape but it won't be video (in the strict sense) and it won't look like "Epitaph One", it'll look like any other High Def TV broadcast (i.e. nicer than normal TV ;).
Ooohhh.. thanks for that info gossi ;) Sounds exciting!

You're right about Joss' shows always looking different every season. In fact, sometimes it plays a big part in why I prefer one season over another. The look of a show is a big deal to me and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Joss also said it was going to look darker didn't he?
I wouldn't worry -- shooting HD doesn't necessarily mean they'll be shooting handheld (aka "shakycam") all the time. HD cameras can be used on and off a tripod just like film cameras...
Anyone else unable to get the videos to play?
I'm getting the feeling that 2x02 "Belle Chose" and 2x04 "Belonging" are the two eps that are getting the same kinda hype "The Target" (and later "Man on the Street") got in the first season. Definitely the episodes I look forward to the most, reading all these Cast-interviews.
HD Video can look and feel like a traditional 35mm film if they do a good post-production job.
When you have a great budget, you can do 35mm and then a Digital Intermediate (I think it's called) to edit and broadcast in HD. With 35mm you can scan the negative and get higher resolutions than HD (1080), so it's a safe bet for the future. But HD is fine, maybe they will shoot with a RED Camera, wich offers a lot more than 1080 and its pretty cheap.

It would be great if Joss or Tim can comment on this.
Mmmmmm sex and murder. Two of my tools.
Anyone else unable to get the videos to play?

No, they're not working for me neither.

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