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August 25 2009

Patton Oswalt talks to A.V. Club. On page two, he talks a bit about his roles on Caprica and in "Man On the Street". The latter yields a bit of insight into long-form television.

Wow. That evil parallel-dimension version of Buffy season 2 is really quite a terrifying prospect.
That was so good, I wanted more. So I MySpaced him. Now . . . the waiting . . .
I so want to see Patton Oswalt return in season two of Dollhouse. His character on Man On The Street was very intriguing and so well performed. Being a 'regular client' it's not out of the question to think he could return.

He mentioned 'Reapers' and the tug of war between Monster Of The Week and mythology arcs. There's a real near psychotic break in Television City nowadays, because investors and executives and the people behind the scenes are trying to figure out this ratio or some kind of formula to make that work and they really can't. It's an artistic thing. It's something the writers and creative minds behind each show just have to explore and it's different with each storyline because there's too many variables. If you try to make a recipe out of it, you're gonna end up looking like Sid & Marty Kroft with the Sleestak in Land of the Lost.

Honestly, if the Hollywood people with the money could make television without creative people, they would. They'd write it themselves and we'd get cookie cutter crap for every show. Those are the ones that aren't successful though. When you try to break it down and distill it that's when it stops being art, and sometimes audiences will come anyway, but more often than not they'll smell it and know it's crap.
That's one of the best interviews I've read here in ages. I'd love to see him guest on Dollhouse again, can't wait for his Serenity comic book.
It's an annual engagement so Oswalt could easily come back every season (that might actually be cool, to develop a relationship with a client, see his ups and downs through the years).

Looking forward to 'Big Fan', the trailer looked pretty good. Hopefully it'll get a UK release in the reasonably near future (or at all). Cracking interview in general, like the best stand-ups he's an observer and thinker about people and "things" in general.

Also, AV Club comments are generally entertaining.
I don't really know the guy, but this interview, for the most part, was awesome. I never read up on Reaper and its behind the scenes stories but the second season really feels like its scared to develop in any real way. Now, I know why... Frakking The CW. They allow Supernatural to get somewhere because its gets higher ratings. Ugh.
It's an annual engagement so Oswalt could easily come back every season (that might actually be cool, to develop a relationship with a client, see his ups and downs through the years).

I was wondering whether the show will gradually start to have some recurring moments (as in on a yearly cycle, for instance). I liked how most Buffy-seasons touched upon her birthday because it gives reality to a show, to know that these people actually walk through the same routines every person walks through, and to see such cycles transported into the show. Now, Season 1 clearly was a weird thing with being mid-season and all, but we already had Topher's birthday in there, so I would love for ep 2x20 to mention that again. Or have Joel Mynor show up again in 2x15 or something like that.
I was thinking about that character recently, and completely agreeing with Oswalt's take that, yes what you learn about they guy's story makes you sympathetic to him, maybe even so sympathetic that you can overlook the creepiness of what he is doing, nevertheless, it is still quite creepy. Because for all the pathos and charm of his wanting to live out that one special moment with his wife that he was denied, he is re-enacting that moment every year. It's stopped being the one moment he missed and has become a kind of emotional masturbation (except of course with another person there) with him receiving over and over again the gratitude of his "wife." Which is actually creepier than just a "chubby, unattractive guy" paying for sex with a hottie.

*Disclaimer: I actually find Oswalt Patton cute and attractive.
Great interview! He seems like a real smartie too which is totally hot. And that bit about Buffy....*melts because it is SO true*

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