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August 26 2009

GeekSix at it again with Whedon B-listers. They take a humorous look at the lovable non-headlining characters of Joss.

Honestly, what was the point of this article/exercise? Was it to answer the burning question, "Okay, we all pretty much know who were the most important folks in the Whedonverses, and there's a whole huge bunch of minor characters, but who was really really really the second string, not the leaders but too big to ignore?"

Because I don't think a question like that can really be answered, as such. It amounts to, "Hey, Sally! Who did you like who wasn't in the opening credits for half the show's run or more?"

I mean, the question of who inhabits the A-list is itself a judgement call. I mean, we always love to read about our folks, again, but this kind of thing doesn't say much.

That said, my own choice I guess is Harmony.
Lorne is no B-lister! *eyes teary* He's A for me all the way.
Yeah, Lorne and Oz were season credited cast. They really don't belong on the list.
Yes, I only picked Harm because they listed Lorne; I think anyone ever listed even once in the title credits should be considered major/A-list/featured etc.
DaddyCatALSO: Except for Jonathan, of course (wasn't he listed in the title credits during Superstar?)
I have to go with the "can't fathom how anyone in the Whedonverse could be considered a B-lister".
Jor; Jonathan appeared (heavily!) in the opening credits for "Superstar" but Danny was never a featured cast member by name which is what I was thinking of.

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