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August 26 2009

(SPOILER) Eliza on Dollhouse Season 2 - "It's different, it's racier and it's deeper". Good Dollhouse feature over at TV Guide Magazine. There's also some interesting quotes from Tahmoh regarding episode 4 and find out what he has to say about Jamie Bamber and Michael Hogan guesting.


More motorcycles?
Racier I don't particularly need. Deeper is good.
That little tidbit about 2x03 "Instinct" sounds pretty interesting, especially the "what-people-do-with-babies thing". But beating up guys with a private jet (in 2x01 "Vows", guessing from the promo pics) sounds awesome too. :)

(Sidenote: Does Joss have a thing with going through ways of transportation on this show? Besides cars/vans we had a chopper, a boat and motorcycles in "Ghost" alone, and now a private jet in "Vows". Add to it the train in ASITHOL and this is definitely one the most diverse shows in that regard. [Don't ask me why I look out for stuff like that. It's a thing. ;) ])
Flashing some skin on top while talking about what people do with babies certainly suggests racier rather than deeper to me.
Perhaps she can be in the dominatrix outfit too.
"It's my cake, and eating it."
Bamber and Dushku look great together! Loving BSG + Whedon!
Man, for these BSG guys it's just one technological apocalypse after another.
Technological apocalypses are the best kind.

WAAAY better than cakocalypses. There can never be too much cake.
Countdown 'til someone makes a Portal reference begins... now!

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