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August 26 2009

Chiwetel Ejiofor named one of the "New Reliables." Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune picks ten actors who are guaranteed to give a good performance.

In supporting and leading roles, his quiet concentration helps focus every scene he's in.

Amy Adams is also on that list.
Ah, I knew I would miss someone else who was Whedon-y. I always forget she was actually on a little vampire show for a few minutes before she hit it big.
I'm so glad to see him on such a list; I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. I can always count on Mr. Ejiofor to turn in an enthralling performance--and he tends to pick great films, too. There's a reason I always name him when I'm asked about my favorite actor.

Also, much love to the writer of this article for including Patricia Clarkson, J.K. Simmons, and Simon Pegg, as well. I perk up whenever I see any of them on screen.
He and Amy both deserve to be on that list, and I would have had to put Alan Tudyk on that list also, big time. He may not get top billing, but he plays unique characters to the hilt, and can always be counted on to play his roles consistently and professionally. His work in "Death at a Funeral" was outstanding.
I'm also glad they put Seth Rogen on there. I've been trying to figure out what his deal is.. He has more staying power than, say, Jon Heder (who stuck around a bit too long, IMO).

Maybe I'm just imagining it, but there's an odd quality to Seth Rogen. Maybe it's because he got to actually act in "Observe and Report." ...That's my two cents.

Also, why isn't Joseph Gordon-Levitt on this list?
I second the need for Joseph Gordon-Levitt to be on this list. I also think that Paul Rudd is probably the most consistent comedic actor out there. He steals every scene he is in.

Chiweitel is great in everything. He is now one of the actors I will follow from project to project.

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