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August 26 2009

Big Apple Comic-Con welcomes some Whedonverse guests Oct 16-18th. Miracle Laurie, Mark Sheppard, Camden Toy, and *just added* Emma Caulfield will represent the verse at the New York City event. Also Georges Jeanty and Jo Chen are scheduled to appear at Baltimore Comic-Con October 10-11.

Also a certain Captain of a Castle tweeted the following yesterday; "How's the weather in NY? May be seeing some apples of large size in the near future."

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I'd just noticed the Baltimore Comic-Con guest list the other day, and seeing how these are both East Coast events and a week apart, I added that to the entry.
FWIW, Miracle Laurie is nudging people to urge Wizard to bring her to Big Apple to represent Dollhouse. You could tweet, or contact Wizard directly if you want to try so urging.

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Emma Caulfield is also there.

Whoops, that's the Chicago one.

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Ernie Hudson!!!! YES!!!!!

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