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October 07 2003

Joss Whedon praises the Firefly DVD. He tells Cinescape that "they really went to town on the DVD."

Joss singing the theme song?

Joss and Kai's song on the OMWF soundtrack was awesome, I'm sure him singing the Firefly theme will be too. if Joss is really amped about a good DVD release why doesn't he use some of his clout to make his "bread winner's" (i.e. BtVS) DVD more exciting? Just the plain fact that I am able to watch, and rewatch, and rewatch all of those episodes is almost enough for me but I have been consistently disappointed in the bonus materials offered thus far in the Buffy and Angel DVD sets...
I think we can all see that Joss's heart is really into Firefly and I am just more than a little worried that his dedication to the Buffyverse (at this time, comprised solely of AtS) is steadily waning, especially as production for the new Firefly movie begins...For those of you who were excited about the renewed role that Joss would play in AtS production, be prepared for Angel to take a back-seat to Firefly. With AtS future in a precarious balance regarding survival it certainly would be beneficial for its creator to be fully "on-board" to ensure the series' continued success.

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the reason the buffy and angel sets don't have as many extras is because the seasons were filmed in the time before they knew the show was going to dvd - the first featurettes were made during buffy season 5 and angel season 2

then from buffy season 6 and angel season 3 they knew exactly what was going on and they've saved stuff for the release - the sets of angel 3 and buffy 6 are stunning (the australian releases anyway) and are chock-full of extras
Yea...we've seen the sets from Buffy in Season 2 extras...They were ho hum...It is true that extras are hard to come by if not thought of before hand...BUT audio comentary can ALWAYS be added later...I attriute the lack of adaquate audio commentary to a genuine lack of interest by Joss...He has even admitted that he does not understand the desire for audio commentary for his series...
The new Season 1-4 Buffy box set is a case-in-point....Absolutely no new features...How hard would it have been to add commentary to, at the very least, half of the episodes....

Firefly has commentary for EVERY episode...That doesn't make sense to me.

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People always want more, don't they?
More...that is the point of the DVD format...The inclusion of extra features...What is wrong with wanting more for my hard earned dollar?
There's more involved in creating extra's for the DVDs. Like an extremely expensive cast for example.

The point of the DVD format is to have the episodes in great quality. I think extra's are just that. Extra bit of fluff. Watch them once, no more than that. How many times can you watch episodes with commentary? Mostly bores the fuck out of me - especially when it's the actors talking.

To put blame on Joss and Firefly for not having extras on the Buffy DVDs seems a bit... over the top. And that's putting it mildly.
You're right...Joss isn't responsible for anything involved with ME, BtVS, and Ats...As a matter of fact he's perfect. Good insight and extremely objective....

As a matter of fact, DVD format allows over 4 gigabytes of storage information, which allows much more potential than just better video/sound quality...It easily allows variable screen formats, multiple languages, yadda, yadda...As for costs of added format,this is a negligible expense as most actors or employees of ME are contractually bound to perform said duties.

Yea, I want more. I like director/actor commentary...I laugh my ass off listening to the commentry of such features as Mallrats or Dogma...Whoever is to blame, there should be much more content to these DVD packages...
Peace, I'm out...BONG!

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Each season of Angel and Buffy are 22 episodes long, while Firefly only lasted a fraction of one season. That leaves much more room for other content, such as commentaries and the other extras that will be included.
Simpleba, keep up that tone and you're banned.
"Firefly" only lasted for 13 episodes. It wouldn't surprise me if they went to town on the DVDs because, at the time, they didn't know if they'd ever get a chance to revisit it. Since then, the movie has been given a green light and that perspective has changed, but if "Buffy" or "Angel" had only lasted for 13 episodes, I'm sure either one of them would have received a similar treatment. It brought together people who had worked on a show of which they were quite proud, one that had been cancelled too quickly, and gave them a chance to praise it and each other and to meditate on the things they never got to do.

And really, commentary for 13 hours versus commentary for the first, what, 80 or so hours of "Buffy" seasons 1 - 4? The math speaks for itself.
man, I can't wait to hold it in my little hands

~*I have returned from the land of crashed computers*~
Lady Pele :) Great to see you again.
Wow, who would have thought this would have turned into such a divesive thread.

Can't wait for my Firefly DVDs.

Oh, since it's kinda of on-topic. The commentary on 'Wild At Heart' by Whedon, Noxon & Seth Green is just wonderful. They are incredibly warm & funny and to watch them all get sucked into the emotions of the show again is great. You can feel their love & pride for it.

Actaully, that really isn't on topic at all but with the complaining above I thought I would just give me support to Buffy DVD extras whcih so far have been quite good & pretty extensive. I mean they are averaging like 5 commetaries & 6 special features a collection.

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The Firefly DVDs sound absolutely amazing, I'll definitely be picking those up on day one of release. Personally, I'm thankful for every tidbit of extras on the Buffy and Angel DVDs. I already feel like it's a steal to get 22 episodes for 45 dollars, and while more extras would be better, I'll be thankful for whatever I get. What I don't understand is why HBO shows sell their DVDs for 80-90 dollars, when you get half the episodes and about the same amount of extras. It's hard for me to justify spending 80 bucks on a boxed set when I'm used to getting twice as much for half the price.

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