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August 26 2009

Joss talks to Access Hollywood. Joss talks about Jamie Bamber, Alexis Denisof,Summer Glau, and if SMG might guest star in the future. Not really worth a spoiler tag unless you don't want to know when Summer could show up.

Please, Summer? Pleeeezzze?
Some cool stuff, and I agree, I really hope Summer is in it.

Honestly, and I may get flak for this, I don't get why folk keep on bringing up SMG. Obviously she isn't as close to Joss as some of the other actors who keep on recurring, and frankly she can't compare to many of them, including Alexis and Summer.
Huh. This interview is from awhile ago now. I remember seeing it. Did it not get linked at the time?
Huh. This interview is from awhile ago now. I remember seeing it. Did it not get linked at the time?

Nope. A similar one with ED was, but not one with Joss AFAIHBATD.

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"Canadians in the back! You're all very tall!" - Joss

(this is why Joss is my hero).
I wish I could remember where I found it back then, then. Not that it matters, it's just perplexing me.
It wasn't there when I posted the ED one before, so maybe it got taken down and then put back up?

Canadians in the back! You're all very tall!

He obviously hasn't met any Dutch people :P *points at self*
For everyone that is worried about Summer still maybe not being in the show... His reasons for her not making it at this point were quite playful. Like, she's not gonna throw the script away and say 'no.' Nor is it terribly likely she'll find a gig she would rather do between that interview and shooting. I mean, it's Joss, she's not gonna run out on him! Right?

If my calculations are correct (and they rarely are) they start shooting Ep 5 at the end of next week, maybe beginning of the week after. I dunno if they get Labor day off though... So she should be shooting by the beginning of Sept. Huzzah!
I don't know if I'd be counting those eggs just yet bobw1o, after all - remember that short ballet film the Serving Girl Joss and Summer have been planning on doing as soon as they both have time؟

In order to add an extra sense of irony, this post was...

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Ha, yeah, but at least one of them has been working at any one time. Now they're both being paid to work on the same project, so it's not like they need to make time for it. I say don't sweat it peeps, based on this interview there's no doubt Summer will be on Dollhouse (knocking on wood to keep her from bodily injury).

Which, BTW, is awesome. But everyone new that already. |-)~

And if I say it, well, it could still be untrue, but I say it gosh darnit!
I'd love Sarah on the show but I doubt it will happen. I guess I'll have to do with Summer, Alexis and Jamie though... sigh ;)

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Some people might be bringing up SMG because some people thought she was actually pretty good in that other show she did with Joss. And some people might even go so far as to think that, far from not comparing, as an actress she is nonpareil.

But, I agree that throwing her name in at random, especially when (a) she's expecting a baby, and (b) she has her own new show starting, is fairly pointless. I'm particularly excited about seeing how Alexis fits in.
The cast of thousands imagery for the guest stars was apt... I'd particularly like to see Tom Lenk as Topher's school-days rival.

I'm also having visions of Eliza being crowded out of the cast photo, jumping up and down to try and see past Nathan Fillion and Richard Brooks; "Hey! I'm over here! I helped create the show! Remember me?"

I'm also having visions of Eliza being crowded out of the cast photo, jumping up and down to try and see past Nathan Fillion and Richard Brooks; "Hey! I'm over here! I helped create the show! Remember me?"

In my head, I just hear her saying that in her voice right now, poor Echo..

Wait what?

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Joss Whedon seemed a little thrown by the Gellar guest star idea.
Man, I don't know why I didn't link this one back when it was actually first online.
Well honestly I doubt people ask him very often in interviews. It seems like when people speculate, it's always Summer, Nathan, James, or Alan.

Alexis actually kind of shocked me because it didn't seem like people were wondering when Joss was going to hire him, it was more like, "why can't Alexis find a job?!" When he did, it seemed natural but I wasn't expecting it.

SMG or David Boreanaz would be great but I wonder if, because they were the main characters in the Buffyverse, there's a question if that would be naturally distracting for the audience. Someone else pointed this out earlier but I forgot my source.
Summer is on Dollhouse. Ep 5. I think they're trying to get Alan also, I heard.
Talking about specific eps for known characters to recur is spoiler-ish gossi (unless you just mean in general rather than ep 5, in which case as you were). Don't be a spoiler-spreader, it hurts small children and is communist.

And yep, he sure has worked with a bunch of great actors. I think his original advice to himself was good though, be careful it doesn't turn into the "Joss' pals" show - great actors though they may be it can still be distracting to see so many people we've seen playing other, iconic characters collected into e.g. a single episode - restraint is the key. Except Summer should be in every episode.
Summer should be in every episode of every show there is...
Joss geeking out over having Jamie Bamber on the show, that's sweet. :)
One giant mutual admiration geek-a-thon - I'm thinking it's gonna be a great season.
SMG and DB seem to be working and establishing relationships with many other people. I think after the many years playing Buffy and Angel that the actors (though proud of that work) are looking to put space between them and those characters. Both have their own shows now.

I think either would work with Joss again in the future, but it seems that both have a different relationship with Joss than people like Amy, Summer, Alan, and Nathan. I get the impression their relationships with Joss were professional only - I don't think they are as close personally - I don't remember hearing SMG and DB going to Joss's house, like I have heard about the other.

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Come on.. the Dollhouse was on Bones. No one mentions that when they ask Joss about other actors coming on Dollhouse.
Joss has had many remarakable actors on his shows, but I don't think that there's any of them whose work on those shows I would rank as better than Sarah Michelle Gellar's.

That said, as far as Dollhouse guest shots go, it does feel like the hype of "Buffy on Dollhouse!!" - or Angel, or Spike, really - could be a distraction from the actual show. (OTOH, Alan showing up was a distraction, too - but it wouldn't have been worth giving up his performance just to avoid that....)
Why would Joss even think of adding Sarah, Nathan, Alyson, or David to Dollhouse, when these actors already have good jobs here in the US.
I am very happy Joss gave some of his unemployed actor friends a job on Dollhouse.:)

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