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August 26 2009

A little Bewitched in Buffy's heritage? io9 explores the similarities between Buffy and Bewitched.

I can see it. Although this contains an unintentionally funny line

Buffy had the common sense not to fall for, or marry, Xander.

I'm not sure I'd ever associate the phrase "common sense" with someone who dated two vampires. Not that I don't love the stories, it just seems funny to me.
I think this article made some great points but the whole time I couldn't stop thinking about this line,

It's not just that Elizabeth Montgomery was the Sarah Michelle Gellar of her day - albeit with a nose wrinkle instead of a stake, and much less annoying

And it really just took me out of the article. Why do people have to be nasty for no reason whatsoever? It just takes me right out of the writing and I pretty much just close the shutters and donít take anything in. It was a pointless line that was snarky just for the hell of it.
Honestly, the author seemed to be a big fan of Bewitched and maybe was just guilty of overdoing it. Again, that line along with the other one maybe makes me think that perhaps the connection is there, although the other only has a passing interest in Buffy.
Next week Hogan's Heroes and how it inspired Angel.
Not. Not even. The first time any man in Buffy's life tried to tell her to not do something, she would just kick his ass.

Loved your comment, Simon. :)
vampmogs, I agree, the snide comment at the beginning of the article made it pretty hard for me to take the author's point seriously. Which is a pity, because there are some parallels between Bewitched and Buffy which are kind of interesting to explore.

Perhaps after the Hogan's Heroes article, io9 can do a piece on the Lone Ranger's influences on Firefly. I sense a series coming on!
Hogan's Heroes actually inspired Angel's Why We Fight, eh?

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