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"Oh no. Is that dragon thing behind me?"
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August 26 2009

Another new Season 2 promo pic of Eliza. More promo pics. This time another pic of Eliza.

Mmm... that one's pretty.
Can I ask why this was changed???
Because the use of the word "unfortunate" may have been misconstrued by people so it was edited to avoid any potential confusion.

And also are you the same McPhee that posted the item at SpoilerTV?
I sure wish Joss would hire prettier actors.
My vote, Simon, would yes.
It was taken as a joke okay. But I have seen many people who have posted some sarcastic material that hasn't been deleted.

But I didn't take (unfortunately) as a sarcastic way at all.

But I think there is some people out there who are pretty tired that there are more Eliza promo pics than the rest of the cast at the moment
She's the star and the producer. Of course she's the focus of promotional photography.
McPhee, you neglected to answer my question so do get in touch with me via email about it.

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