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August 27 2009

(SPOILER) Fox's latest press release for Dollhouse. Find out about what all those lovely guest stars will get up to.

The wording of that suggest Summer is a regular, permanent, cast member...

If so, woohoo!
I must say, I do love press releases. They get right to the chase and put so much awesome in one paragraph.
She's recurring, not regular:

[T]the actress joins the cast of DOLLHOUSE this fall in a recurring role...

And I believe over at Dollverse they said she's definitely on board for 2 eps, with the potential for more down the line.

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Interesting. Summer's character is the only one with a single name.

I expect watching Adelle deal with a nemesis is going to be pretty great.
I was hoping Stephanie Romanov would show up sometime and play Adelle's nemesis. But Keith Carradine is more than a great choice.
ADELLE: "You are not my nemesis. My nemesis is Matthew Harding. Matthew Harding, corporate tool."
I'm sure I read that Alexis will be in four episodes, yet he's listed here as a "Guest Star", so Summer being "recurring" would seem to suggest she's going to be on the show indefinitely.

Amber Benson was recurring until her last episode, and I think Andy Hallett was for most of Angel.
Man, I'm so excited with all these amazing people coming into the show. I'm afraid if one more signs up, I might explode with excitement.
Yes! Summer! Now the other actors will have someone to blame when they slip-up. ;-)
This makes me want to sing:
Summer-time, Summer-time, Sum-Sum-Summertime
Battlestar, Battlestar, Bat-Bat-Battlestar
Nemesis, nemesis, nem-nem-nemesis
Killing spree, killing spree, kill-kill-killing spree
Back to work . . .

ETA Oops, forgot
Denisof, Denisof, Den-Den-Denisof :D

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zz9, the term "recurring" simply means "guest star" or "costar" for multiple episodes (but not a regular); it does not imply an indefinite stint on the show.
I expect watching Adelle deal with a nemesis is going to be pretty great.

I agree. I think he'll be just as smooth, smart, and ruthless of an operator as Adelle is (but probably dirtier), and that should make for some great stuff. Really looking forward to his and Alexis' role the most.
Invisible Green, I know the meaning, but that press release does say Alexis is a "Guest Star" despite the fact that we know he will be in four episodes but calls Summer "Recurring". It does seem to suggest Summer is more than "just" a guest star for a few episodes.

Of course we all know Fox's PR department has made mistakes in the past....
Summer is a bigger name than Alexis in the Fox world, I'm not surprised that they are pushing her guest status to the max.

Me, I love Alexis and Summer equally.
Does this mean that Alexis will need to learn an American accent?
It is to laff, MKM :) I suspect someone will be along shortly to not grok that you were joking, however, so get ready for that.

P.S. - I hear that Jamie Bamber is learning a British accent for his part :) (also a joke, try to keep up)
Mrs. Denisof (on Twitter) said Alexis is going to be in four (so far) episodes of Dollhouse. He also works as the baby-sitter (manny) on the HIMYM set, for the cast and crew babies... according to an interview with the Mrs. I'm hoping he does a southern accent for his character.
That was actually pretty funny MKM. Nice. :)
"Summer is a bigger name than Alexis in the Fox world, I'm not surprised that they are pushing her guest status to the max."

In a "you may remember her from two shows we recently cancelled" kind of way? :p

I'd quite like Denisof to have another stint on HIMYM. Hair and everything.
The "hat tricks" of the whedonverse just shot up exponentially. Not such an exclusive club of merry few anymore, is it Mr. Woodward? Just wondering this the other day, though--Felicia Day, for example, counts b/c she was Vi, Penny, and in Epitaph One. But, would Alexis Denisof count, since he played the same character on Buffy and Angel? So irrelevant to real life, I know...

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To be fair, those guys did it when Joss only had three shows. Being in all four shows... now that's an exclusive group (that's nobody, right?).
No, if we rule out DHSAB as a "show", then Jonathan Woodward, Jeff Ricketts, Carlos Jacott, and Andy Umberger would need to show up on Dollhouse to be one of the first of the four-timers club.
Even the Bad Horse did a hat trick.

And I have no idea about who's been in all four. I don't think anyone has... yet. Are we going to count Dr. Horrible as well?

If DHSAB did count, we'd have a lot more for 3 (Nathan, David Fury...)
If we count Dr. Horrible, and same-characters, then there's a lot, for sure.
I'm quite sure that Jane Espenson is the only writer besides Joss to write on all four of his shows. So there's a new elite in the making. :)

ETA: Well, actually, now that I think about it, it isn't. Jane will spend a lot of time alone in her Club Of Awesomeness. :)

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