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August 27 2009

(SPOILER) Casting call and title for Dollhouse 2x05. As usual over at Spoiler TV.

*happy sigh* How absolutely lovely. :)
is Stephanie Romanov doing anything?

*heads off to IMDB*
I love that we get another techie, and an older one at that. I just wrote over here how I love the way the show doesn't blank out other people working in the house (and under our main characters), and with Bennett and Grace we seem to get more into that territory.
Oh, that's a point. Ivy is back in Dollhouse S2 too, if anybody cares.
Oh, that's a point. Ivy is back in Dollhouse S2 too, if anybody cares.

Ah, that's so good to hear! I loved Ivy (and Liza Lapira), and I'm glad she's back. I hope it's a multi-episode part again.
lol I was just about to ask that in the other thread.

Very happy to hear that. I like her dynamic with Topher.
She's there right from the beginning, too. Loves me some Ivy, anybody who can bitch at Topher gets my vote.
Echo's van driver is back at least once, also. He's on Twitter and mentioned it. (Not the dead one from The Target, obviously.) I kind of like that they apparently try to keep backgroundy actors consistent.
Ditto. It makes it feel more... I don't know... Real?

I'd love to see The Van Driver episode in season 4.
Maybe the van drive is an active who only gets imprinted with van driving skills.
They did a similar thing in Buffy, right? Keeping a lot of regular extras for students? I think Danny Strong started out as just a regular extra...
Yeah, Jonathan was a great example of slow, progressive and sensible character progression. This allowed him to carry his own episode in season four, sustain a proper recurring role in six, and move the audience when he died in seven.
Kristine Sutherland would be a good choice.
I'm picturing Meryl Streep, which I know doesn't fit the age or their budget, but someone channeling her is what comes to mind.

Glad to hear Ivy's returning. I liked how most of the assistants were recurring, including Erin Cummings.

And on Buffy I swear there's a student extra who appeared in most every high school episode and some beyond high school. A girl with light brown hair usually pulled back and bangs. Anyone else spot her?

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