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August 27 2009

Christian Kane's 'Leverage' picked up for a third season. The hit TNT series will return for another round of cons and heists.

Additionally, Kane will be performing some gigs in Kentucky & Ohio in October.

Happy news. :-)
Now we just wait to see if Leverage will continue to film in Portland.
awesome news!

last night's episode was the best of the season, one of the best of the series. so glad that smart, intelligent and clever writing with a strong ensemble cast still has a place on television (dollhouse and castle included there as well)

one of my favorite "elliot-isms" was last night's "imagining how the fight will go" footage :)
I know! That was kind of wierd but it worked very well and Noa Tishby was awesome in her role. As was Wil Wheaton. Best episode this season (so far).
Great news, this is a fun show with amazing acting all around from a cast that seemed to gel into a real ensemble, almost from day one.

Speaking of favorite lines/exchanges - from season1:
Nate: "Did you just kill a guy with an appetizer?"
Elliot:"I dunno - maybe". :)

TNT seems to like it too, they still use it in promos.
My Wed night is set, Leverage then Dark Blue. Love Christian Kane and the whole works.
Last night was probably my favorite episode so far.

I'm not sure which made me happier - seeing Wil Wheaton or seeing the lobby of the Portland Art Museum. I hope Leverage stays in Portland!
Great, fun show, great cast. Glad it's continuing and long may it.

(i've also been watching 'Dark Blue' and think it's a pretty decent procedural from a fairly refreshing perspective, it's got potential. I'd be more for it if I liked the main guy more but he just doesn't convince me as this noir-ish, battered, cynical cop - he's a bit too pretty for one thing)

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