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August 27 2009

SF TV's Biggest Badass: River vs. Kirk. After besting both Caprica Six and Cameron in IO9's badass-off, River takes on James Tiberius Kirk. Add your vote to the contest.

My own recent experiences have proven that even the tiniest women are stronger and braver than men, no matter how big and macho the men are.
Not that we generalize here ;)
I voted for River!
Not that we generalize here ;)

OK. No. I have just been through a couple of experiences, though, where the men essentially ducked with their tails between their legs, while the women stood their ground. We we badass. The men involved were just bass. Or ass.
River, of course. This will be the answer and will continue to be the answer until they pit River against say... Godzilla. Maybe.

You know what would be a good battle? Buffy and the Buffybot vs. Godzilla and Mechagodzilla.
There are some very funny comments in their comments section.

Somehow badass is not the term I think of applying to Kirk.
I voted for Kirk since it was Shatner. I'd vote for River if it was 'shudder' Pine.

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Just teasing Nebula. I think everyone ends up with a few of those experiences on both sides.
Quite. Bravery obviously isn't a function of gender (though physical strength, on average, is). It's as ridiculous to claim ALL women are stronger/braver than ALL men as it is to vice that versa.

Anyway, River, for consistency (Kirk's a brawler and he's got grit but he's not psychic, doesn't seem to know martial arts and isn't almost preternaturally agile).
isn't almost preternaturally agile.

Not so sure about that. ;)
Some of those comments were a riot!! I especially loved the Kirk youtube video someone did! Love both Kirk & River but yeah, River would kick his ass - especially because Kirk would be too busy trying to flirt with her!
We know from his many fights in the engine room that Kirk always swings and misses, yet there's a thud sound added in post. So clearly River would win in a flesh fight.
Unless she fell for those mysterious charms of his and swooned. No?
This was funny:

" You people are forgetting one big thing, Kirk is a Starfleet captain, and as a Starfleet captain he has the most powerful force in the universe on his side: the deus ex machina. There's no way River could beat Kirk, since he'd re-route the matter-antimatter quantum phase tachyon pulse through the positronic gamma singularity core via the singularity matrix resonance conduits and she'd be disintegrated at a subatomic level before she even got close."

To which the next post said:

"That's more of a Picard thing. Kirk has the double-fist back thump and some paradoxes from his Philosophy 101 class at the Academy. Works every time."

Personally, I am really interested in the River Tam v. Dark Willow fight. That might be very interesting indeed.
How could they possibly not be on the same side? Harumph.
And River can kill him with her brain. ;) I agree that it would take Dark Willow to give River serious competition.
Oh, please. Aeryn Sun is about fifty times the badass that Kirk is.
And only half the badass that River is.
I dont't know, River never killed people during and right after giving birth.
Gouki, not that we know of anyway... :) Perhaps once season two is greenlit, we'll find out otherwise.
Do you remember a scene where Kirk tries to run up a wall and falls while the guy he is fighting it just standing there? I can't ever see River doing that.
Can River get her shirt torn in the fight?

/Just wondering....
Kirk is the biggest hero when the matter is getting girls to save his people. In that business, only Bond could beat him.

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