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August 28 2009

(SPOILER) Doll or No Doll? - Joss on Summer's new role. TV Guide Magazine features some brief quotage from Joss about Summer guesting on Dollhouse.

Bit similar to what he said back in May really.

Summer really would be GREAT at playing a doll but Joss is right, she's done that kind of thing before. So I'm looking forward to seeing what they have planned for her.
I'm personally hoping she's a hardboiled government agent -- either investigating Ballard for something, or (even cooler, IMO) Dominic's NSA handler. She becomes the new Paul, in effect, but more hard-edged.
I'm happy that she will be playing a "normal" person, as opposed to a government experimented psychic, killer robot or a brainwashed doll. Give her something to show her range, and make sure she doesn't get typecast!
Looking far ahead, if the series gets renewed for a third season, and Summer's character doesn't get killed off, the writers could put her in a situation that results in her becoming a doll.

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