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August 28 2009

Eaglemoss Spike figurine for sale. For you fans not in the UK (who can't order directly from the site), check out ebay and other online stores for Spike.

Well, it'll probably be released in the US in February, as Buffy is slated for December and Angel for January.
I got mine today and I have to say he's just as impressive as the previous Angel figure, If not more because theres more detail in the sculpt. Talking of which the detail in this (considering it's such a tiny wee thing) is just amazing. It's a near perfect little 3D copy of that famous season 2 promo pic. Beautifully detailed right down to the tiny straps on his wee booties. Yes, the likeness isn't all that it could be, but hell, considering the microscopic size I'm cutting them some slack there.

Whats wonderful about this figure is that the manufactures actually bothered to get the hight difference right between Spike and Angel, so unlike in the DST action figures you don't have a massively tall Spike towering over others in the collection.

I highly recommend this whether you're a Spike fan, or just a fan of the show in general.
Glad to know they're worth collecting. I was never into collecting Action Figures, but was so surprised how great the figurines are looking, that I'm about to start collecting them.

The Buffy and Angel ones are already in my subscription queue at TFAW.
My Angel and Spike are en route! I'm thinking of getting BUFFY too. To those that have her, is it awesome?
I got the Angel - think I will get the Spike too. The Buffy one looked terrible though! Was v happy with the Angel one.
Yeah, the Buffy one is the weakest of the releases so far. The body and pose is very well done, but the likeness is well off. I have to say though these figures are so incredibly small (around the three and a half inch mark) that that it must have been very difficult for the artists to get any real resemblance into the sculpt.

Hope you enjoy your wee fellas when you get them Brian. *g*

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I don't love the weapon Buffy is holding. A stake would have been so much cleaner, you know?
Yeah I agree. She only used that weapon in one episode too.
If anyone has the chance, specially when buying from ebay, ask for close-ups of the face. So you don't end up with a Buffy that looks like a angry male.
February? Grumble. Don't think I can wait.

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