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August 28 2009

EW talks with Neil Patrick Harris about being on the American Idol judging panel. "I shattered dreams", he says. He also talks a bit about the Emmys and "How I Met Your Mother".

I think they show it on ITV2 here, I might tune in for his episode.
Hahaha! I remember another interview where he requested that everyone refer to him as "America's Emmy-nominated Neil Patrick Harris." Looks like they heard him!
Yes, Simon, It's ITV2. Thursdays and Fridays and 9PM, usually. At the beginning the shows are longer (so they may start at 8). It can be awfully addicting as well. Much more so than The X-Factor or any reality show, UK-based or otherwise.

Really looking forward to this season of AI. Only reality television I watch anymore (The Hills isn't reality, right? ;p)

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