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August 28 2009

Help a fellow Browncoat's family. Dawnsister of the New England Browncoats and co-captain of the CSTS Boston lost her sister Kristen in a horrific car accident on Wednesday. She had no life insurance and because of this a memorial fund has been set up for Kristen's children. Details of how to contribute can be found on the linked news item and also here and here as well.

Thank you Simon for posting this.
I posted this on the OB; would someone be so kind as to post this on some of the other boards that are still active?
How can internationals donate? Is there an account/Paypal that will accept donations for the fund?
I have sent off an email to ask how we can help. When I hear anything I will post asap.
I wrote the email address on the posting. There will be a Paypal account set up over the weekend. If nobody else gets the information, I'll post it when I get it.
My deepest condolences to Sandy and family of the loss of their sister, Kristen. My prayers are with you. Bless you.
You can send checks or money orders to:

Kristen Belair Memorial Fund
P.O. Box 580
Flat Rock, NC 28731 

There is also a Facebook link:

Please spread this info to other Whedon websites.

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My condolences to the family. It's heartening though to see people willing to pitch in and help.
I'm so very, very sorry for your terrible and unexpected loss- my heart goes out to the children.
Hope to see the Paypal link soon.
I received this email from the family's attorney:

First, you can make a check payable to "Kristen Belair Memorial Fund" and mail it to the po box below. I'll deposit it into the trust account and send you a receipt. Alternatively, you can wait until we set up the PayPal link over the weekend and pay that way. Your choice. The family and friends of Kristen, and all of us who are working for these children, appreciate your help.

Second, I'm at the epicenter of a phenomenon of social networking that, at 48, I've never experienced. I'm asking all these folks to whom I'm replying to tell me something about how they knew or knew of Kristen. I would appreciate your taking the time to do so.

Kristen Belair Memorial Fund
c/0 Steven J. Allen
P.O. Box 580
Flat Rock, NC 28731
OMG! This happened not that far from me! I'll be on my way to the bank Monday.
From Kristen's father:

I am Keith Belair, Kristen's dad and Steve forwarded your email to me. The
outpouring of heartfelt sympathy for this tragedy is almost overwhelming.
I have set up a PayPal account to receive donations from anyone wishing to
do so. The account is

Please extend our thanks to everyone for their condolences. She was a
wonderful, free spirited, dynamic young woman and she will be sorely
missed but all of her friends and family.

Thank you again,
Keith Belair

So the Paypal account is:
I don't know if it's just me being a bit daft, but paypal is saying that the e-mail address isn't valid.
I had no problem sending the money.
I sent my cashy money today.
Our twitterfeed has a mind of its own and didn't pass this onto to our Twitter account so I've go in and linked to it myself.
Hi Everyone - this is Kristen's sister. Whedonite37 here, but Dawnsister everywhere else. My family could NEVER EVER express our full gratitude to the Browncoat family. I woke up this morning to find on my FB page that Kris's information had been posted out to the OB and here. My first thought was "Oh,that poor lawyer". I made a call to Mr. Allen and spent a good 20 minutes on the phone with him. He has been recieving phone calls and emails from all over as to how to contribute to the fund for my niece and nephew, and the paypal acct has now been setup to help accomadate people.
- I believe Mr. Allen's first question to me was "What is a Browncoat?". :0) I think he now has the first episode down pat, and I will be sending him his own copy of Firefly and Serenity as a thank you.

There is much here that I could go on about - but I guess mostly I want you to know that this fund will help my niece and nephew with the immediate and necessary care for their wellbeing. First and foremost is grief counseling, these children were witness to a horrific accident and saw everything, and they are only beginning to process the information.
Even though the funeral isn't until Monday, counseling has already started for them. Secondly, the monies will be for their college education.

My sister, Kristen, was a young woman, and my baby sister. As a single parent she could never rely on her ex for much but she always made do with what she could for her and her the kids who are 10 and 8. She loved her children more than anything - they were her first and last thoughts in each day.

Kris was one of the most vibrant ppl I have ever known - she regularly danced her way thru the day, wearing twirly skirts and no shoes. She had this wonderful short tinkling/cascading type laugh that I've never heard from anyone else, and I just can't believe I will never hear it again.

About a month ago my mom was sick, and she and Kristen had had a conversation about 'last wishes'. Kris had told her that she never wanted a viewing or anything to do with a funeral home. She thought they were morbid and depressing and her life wasn't about that. She felt her life was about love, laughter and joy. So, we will be having a 'Celebration of Her Life' on sunday with a graveside service on monday. Again, it will never be enough but I want to express my heartfelt thank you to the Browncoat family and all the support and love they have given to us these past few days.

Love keeps her in the air
Your sister sounds like a good person whose life is very much worth celebrating whedonite37, that sounds like a lovely approach to take and my sincere condolences for your loss. Though nothing can replace their Mum at least those two kids have a loving family around them when they need it most.

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Shelley, you gave a beautiful picture of your sister. Thank you. It is wonderful that the children have a supportive family to help them through such an awful time. I hope we can do a small part in that process.
Shelley, I'd like to add my deepest condolences as well.
To you and your family:
Take heart...stick together...and love.
Love will keep you all in the air.

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{{{Shelley}}} words just can't express how sad I am for you today. Your words touched me to my soul. And made me pick up the phone and call my own sister. We've been kind of estranged since my brother died and I can't let that go on. Thank you for the beautiful words about your sister. It was the wake up call I needed.
Done frome Spain. My condolences.
My deepest condolences to you and your family, Shelley. Thank you for sharing those wonderful words about your sister.
Thank you for sharing your memories and letting us help.
Shelley has posted this request on the OB and asked if we can broadcast it far and wide:

"The family of Kristen Belair, who was killed on I40 near Burgaw, NC. on Aug. 26th around 1pm wants to thank a young woman who stopped and prayed with her 8 and 10 yr old son and daughter while the investigation/pictures were being taken.

Kristen's family says "We don't know her name - only that she may be in her 20's, was wearing a pink polo with a butterfly on it and her cell phone had polka dots on it. The woman stopped to help calm the children, she prayed wtih them and then left without giving her name. The gentleman with her was wearing black pants.

Kristen's children have told the family what a great comfort she was to them in their time of need, and we would love to thank her. Could she please contact Channel 12 in Wilmington NC? If she does not want to come forward we just want to get word to her how much her graciousness means to our family."
Thanks for writing that, whedonite37 - you both broke my heart & warmed it at the same time. I'm so glad folks have stepped forward to help, and I'm very sorry for your loss of your sister - and for your niece and nephew of their mother. I'm glad they do have you.

People can be wonderful when you lose someone. They're the net that saves you from freefalling from grief.
Now you've done it. :0) Again. Browncoats are rising again, and again. Since my sister's passing, and directly because of the support my family has recieved, not only am I getting questions on Firefly, I have had no less than three other ppl come to me in the past few days and say "I've had someone ask me what Firefly/Browncoats are?" Now, I could go into a huge diatribe on the rotten entity that is Fox, how it is since the beginning and CSTS - but after about 30 seconds ppl's eyes begin to glaze over and they get confused.

I need something to be able to post on my FB page, and for others to be able to say and post.. and hopefully bring other ppl to the 'Verse. Please talk amongst yourselves and let me hear your best. ;0)


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