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August 28 2009

Buffy & Dollhouse: Original pilot vs. Official pilot. io9 takes a look at shows that experienced significant changes between their original pilots and the aired ones. TSCC's in there too.

That's pretty misleading. The 'original Buffy pilot' wasn't supposed to be a pilot at all. It was a self-funded demo for the network so they could see what they were getting.
Diggin Jewel Staite's hair pictures at the end.

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If you wanted to be really cool, you could have added "Serenity" vs "The Train Job" and even "Serenity vs Serenity" (as I think there were two versions of that Firefly episode).
Or even 'Serenity vs Serenity vs Serenity: Three Way Smackdown' since the account Simon gives in the pilot is slightly at odds with what we see in the film.

Tim Guinee was a better Charlie in the original T:TSCC pilot IMO, he was gentler and a bigger contrast to Sarah. He was a less believable fiancee in one way which is what made it more believable (i.e. he was more the sort of man Sarah might aspire to be with if she were to lead a normal life, he represented what she was giving up).

And I agree about the end scene though we don't see her just holding a gun, what we see is Sarah moving into a new house and almost the first thing she does is rebuild her hidden weapons cache. It was an effective scene because it really told us something about the character i.e. it showed in spades the one quality above all others that makes Sarah Connor a force to be reckoned with - she persists, no matter what.
Simon is right, there were two versions of Serenity. The original one was even leaked back in the day, I think I have that one saved in my archive, it got the scenes that were included in the deleted scenes feature in the DVD, and it begins right in the middle of the first heist, without that Flashback sequence.

The Buffy presentation as pointed wasn't really a pilot, it's like wanting to compare City of with that 6 minute presentation of Angel.

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