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August 28 2009

Chicago + Melbourne AU Serenity + Dr. Horrible Charity Screenings this weekend.

Melbourne's event is on Sunday 30 August at VCA Federation Hall from 12pm.

We did a run through of our screening media yesterday and the venue is fantastic! Great sound, and a HUGE screen, plus super comfy seats! And Dr Horrible looks AMAZING on the big screen!

We've got heaps of prizes for you to win, including items signed by Joss Whedon! And Tim Minear! And Nathan Fillion (Mal), Alan Tudyk (Wash), Jewel Staite (Kaylee), Ron Glass (Book), Jonathan Woodward (Tracey), Michael Fairman (Niska), Nectar Rose (Lovebot) Sonny Rhodes (Firefly theme singer), Geoff Mandel (Serenity graphic designer) and Dichen Lachman (Sierra on Dollhouse). And that's just the signed stuff!! There's heaps more - Dr Horrible goodies, Firefly DVD set, CDs, posters from Chuck & Terminator, jewellery, artwork... the list goes on!

Plus, there's a heap of Whedonware to buy, including Kaylee Maquettes, Money Packs, and Dr Horrible DVDs!

All the details for Melbourne's event are at

Online ticket sales end at midnight tonight. Tickets will be available at the venue from 11:30am.

See you there!!
Whoo-hoo! That is a lot of goodies!
Yay! Will see you there! Wow, Manifest last weekend and CSTS tomorrow. August is like, geek month.
Sounds awesome!
Bugger! Oh well, I couldn't have gone anyway.
Wow, what a day!! Our fourth Can't Stop the Serenity event in Melbourne was an overwhelming success! And we had a fantastic time!

131 dedicated Browncoats and Joss Whedon fans packed into the VCA Federation Hall to watch Dr Horrible and Serenity on the big screen, and enjoy a few surprises. There were lots of fantastic costumes, prizes galore, and a great deal of fun was had! We'll be posting an event recap in a few days, together with lots of photos, so check back at soon.

Now, we know you're all anxious to hear how much money we raised for Equality Now. We're waiting on an invoice or two to arrive, and we've got a few more events planned in September and October, so we can't give you the final total that will be donated to Equality Now just yet.

But based on what we know so far, it looks like we've raised over $2,300 for Equality Now!!!

Thank you to every single one of you who came along and donated your cashy money to a good cause! We are mighty!

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