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August 29 2009

What kind of Girl Talk girl are you? On a lazy saturday morning, I bring you this blast from the past.

Here's a commercial that Jewel Staite did when she was younger for a board game called Girl Talk. Where else are you going to see her acting like a chicken?

I remember her in Space Cases. Vaguely. I loved that show as a kid, about as much as I now love Firefly. So ridiculous in retrospect, but at the time I was really mindblown when season one ended with Catalina's (was that her name?) invisible/imaginary friend becoming... visible!

Anyway. Catalina wasn't Jewel, though. Just thought I'd mention.
I love how her voice sounds EXACTLY the same.
Wow, another Space Cases fan. The first time I saw Firefly, I recognized Jewel, but I had no idea where from. The absence of rainbow hair threw me off.
I actually used to have this game. Pretty sure I bought it used at a garage sale. And I don't think I ever played it. (Probably because I was about seven and hadn't actually had a first kiss.)

I did watch Jewel on "Flash Forward," though. I used to really love that show, though the only episode I remember now is the one where they celebrated their birthday.
I had such a pre-teen crush on Jewel Staite, thanks to Space Cases and Flash Forward. As soon as I started watching Firefly, it got promoted to full crush. Adorable.
You gotta believe that actors/actresses just wish these things would have disappeared at some point in their career. But, much like those photos your parents took of you sitting on the toilet as a child, they keep popping up at random times throughout your life. I wonder how many crazy commercials our boys and girls have done over the years.

I can still remember Charisma doing that deodorant ad, and now we have Jewel... hmmm. Who else?

If there is a Nathan Fillion herpes medication ad out there, and you're holding out, now is the time to fess up. :)
HA! I totally remember this commercial! Hilarious! I linked without reading the whole description, so I knew it was something Whedon-y, but I didn't know how or what. So, my first thought, after, "HA! I totally remember this commercial! Hilarious!" was, "Ho-lee crap! Is that Jewel Staite?!"

Great find, superrodan. Thanks.
Oh my.

Another Flash Forward fan here. Jewel Staite may have been my first celebrity crush!
Was a Space Cases fan, but I knew that's where I had seen Jewel from before.

Sort of like the guy from X-men that was in Animorphs. I remember that, too. :P
I also remember Jewel had a guest appearance on a show called So Weird. It was like a kid's version of the X-files.

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Haha, I love it.

Jewel was also in Higher Ground, which also had young Kandyse McClure, AJ Cook and Hayden Christensen. She had the goth thing going and she sang.

ETA: But her rap PSA will always be the best thing ever.

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Did anyone else see Jewel as Da Vinci's daughter in Season 1 of Da Vinci's Inquest? It's on hulu, last I looked.
Wow, I totally forgot about that commercial! Haha. I was too young to own the game, but I probably thought it sounded pretty cool. :P
Found a site with all the 'Space Cases' episodes. Not the greatest of quality, but it's probably all we're ever gonna get. Link.
I remember watching Space Cases and loving it... until they switched Jewel's character out for her "invisible friend." But I watched Higher Ground, too. Wow, how I followed Whedon alums even before they were indicted.

Seth Green has a Nerf commercial too.
Haha, I love the video description:

"Girl Talk, the board game for women that hate women. This commercial alone killed several feminism movements in America the day it aired."

I loved Space Cases as well, especially the Catalina/Susie story.

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