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August 29 2009

Jason Palmer's jumbo Serenity banner prints. Got wall? Also the Kaylee tee is now in a "breezy white, muscle tee raglan, with shimmery silver background motif".

Under banner prints there is a Serenity cast banner.

Holy crap, those are gorgeous. Personally, I feel like the "men" are better quality portraits than the "women". Book, Simon, and Inara in action look more awesome than the posed ones. But, I am loving the Serenity, the ship, is included in the "women" category.
Is it just me or does River look nothing like Summer Glau?

Selene looks good though.
She's got a bit of an Angelina Jolie look happening, but, it is traced from a promo photo so it is close to true.
I always like his work, but I would really hesitate to pay $85 for the banners with "" written across the top in fairly large type.
I'm pretty sure that's just a watermark Ildeth, so that people can't print his work without paying for it.
I love the sketched horizontal one of the Firefly cast.
That would make sense, deadbessie. I love the horizontal sketch too - I have no idea where I'd put it, though!

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