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August 29 2009

Angel crowned sexiest vampire. Angel beats Edward as sexiest vampire.

Here's what I jotted down on that site (I'm not trying to cause controversy--this is just my opinion):

"Take a real, honest and good look at those pictures, people. David Boreanaz looks like a man and has genuinely handsome looks. Not to mention, the ability to act.

Angel is also a much more complex and multi-faceted character. Character(s), even. David got a lot of acting opportunities that, IMO, no one else on that list got, character-arc wise. And yes, that includes James Marsters.

AtS was the best vampire show ever, and yes, it even beat it's mother show, BtVS, by a landslide. And the best parts of BtVS often had Angel (season 2's Angelus arc being the peak of the show).

It's nice to see a man who looks like a man get some justice every once in a while.

Pattinson really isn't all that attractive. Be objective here. It's certainly not the acting of the Twilight cast that makes them popular. In fact, it seems that those who liked the books are just projecting who they liked from the books on a truly abysmal film with some of the stiffest, unnatural and wooden acting I've ever seen (and it's vampire lit lite with more relation to the fairies and sparkly unicorn sticker crowd than serious, tragic, dramatic and dark vampire lit).

If you want to see the same frickin' concept of a high school girl who falls in love with an ages-old vampire and they ultimately can't be together (and you want some real fireworks, trials, tragedy and epic drama), do yourself a favor and watch early BtVS.

Meyers' work on a well-tread concept pales in comparison."

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Whoo-hoo! Knew it all the time.
well ..... duh ;) And well said NileQT87
I didn't even know about this poll, so they can't accuse the BTVS fans of pimping the vote and stuffing the ballot.
I hope we don't use this as an opportunity to diss the Twilight fandom, but I must add that Angelus can turn me anyday, Edward merely turns
OK, I'll be the first to say that should have been Spike.

And I'd take the last paragraph of NileQT87's post and substitute "do yourself a favor and watch BtS post-season3," when Buffy was a young woman. Much more interesting than as a high school girl.

That being said .... from the bottom of my feminist heart, yay for the lack of Edward love. ;)
Disagree with pretty much everything you said NileQT87.
Well a lot of people will, and a lot of people won't. I think AtS love over BTVS is a minority here but there are definitely quite a few of us here. I'm one of them. I don't think it really matters because I honestly think a big part of the difference is self-identification on each series. Both were great casts, and both had rocky patches and pockets of pure genius.

Anyone wonder if Angel was getting an anti-Edward vote though?
Nile, I think this,

It's nice to see a man who looks like a man get some justice every once in a while

Is a bit unfair to RP. What is a man supposed to look like exactly? It makes me feel bad and reminds me of when Gunn tells Fred he wants a real woman, not a stick figure. We all come in different shapes and sizes.

Im glad Angel won the poll because I do think hes the better vampire (hotter as well I guess? Im a het guy so its hard for me to judge?) but the Twilight bashing in the media is becoming just as annoying as all the hype. Im just as sick of hearing how bad Twilight is as I was when everybody was saying how great it is. Though I bet a lot of non-Btvs fans feel the same way about our series. *shrugs*

I do agree that the Angelus arc of s2 is probably Btvs highest point even if season 3 is actually my favourite season of the show. I can see why Innocence would be Joss favourite episode because all the metaphors just work so well and it was a brilliant twist. That whole arc hits all the right notes. However, I disagree that Angel got all the best character moments, Id say SMG got the best material to work with. And as you know, I think Btvs is the better series even if I love Ats as well.

But good for DB for winning the poll, I only wish Buffy had better luck against River *sniffle*

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And I'd take the last paragraph of NileQT87's post and substitute "do yourself a favor and watch BtS post-season3," when Buffy was a young woman. Much more interesting than as a high school girl.

Ditto! But then it's all subjective I suppose. We all have our favorite seasons of shows, and when it comes to Buffy I prefer the later ones.

[ edited by sueworld2003 on 2009-08-30 07:40 ]
I do love Angelus, Angel was a bit boring for me..Oh poor me I have done so many bad things. So glad that David won the poll and face it our vamps don't need to sparkle to be hot and sexy. I did like Buffy better season 4 on, mainly because of Spike and the way that romance? changed. I agree that Buffy was the best series ever on TV, with Firefly, Veronica Mars, Roswell and Angel coming in second. Have watched these series more times than I can count.
Nice win for Angel.My favorite seasons of Buffy are seasons 2 and 3 although season 5 is also way up there.But all the seasons overall I enjoyed including the current season 8.

Between the two shows,BTVS or ATS,I prefer Buffy because I've always been more emotionally involved in the Buffy characters over Angel and his cast.But I love ATS too.

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2009-08-30 14:51 ]
Take that Twinkle-toes!

I adore Angel/Angelus (leather pants!!!) but I love both BtVS and AtS. They're both amazing and I'm equally emotionally invested in them, though Buffy S2&3 are my favourites.

And I love Spike too, but if it was a choice between him and Angel, I'd have to go with Angel.
Well, it says "sexiest" vampire, not "favorite" vampire, so I'd have to go with Eric from True Blood.
Darla would get my vote from the verse. In general, maybe Susan Sarandon in 'The Hunger' or Jenny Wright in 'Near Dark'.

(presumably given the listed contenders it was only male vampires but it doesn't actually say that anywhere that I can see)

Pattinson really isn't all that attractive. Be objective here.

Ah yes. Because attraction is totally objective, that's exactly how it works. [/sarcasm]
My thoughts: Angel is the most handsome, Spike is the most fun, but True Blood's Eric is the sexiest.
Definitely subjective. You can tell by how each one of these sorts of polls has a different winner!
My number one is Spike. Angel, though I love him, leaves me meh attraction wise. That guy from True Blood, Bill, is the opposite of sexy to me. I know many love him though. Haven't seen Twilight, but judging from the pictures, nope. However, judging by pictures of Ian Somerhelder I am really looking forward to Vampire Diaries, though I kind of expect to be disappointed. Very picky about my vampires now.
Do we feel validated now? Do these polls actually matter in any meaningful way?

Just wondering.
Presumably reader response theory says if they matter to the people taking part then they matter, right ?
Secretly all these internet polls are part of a giant supercomputer programmed to discover the answers to all of the deep unanswered philosophical questions (as well as a few unsolved math problems). One sexy vamp poll at a time.
Sunfire, shhhhhh! Now who will ponder hunky vamps and vote for their #1 after you spilled the secret?

*whispers* mine's Spike... I like him best with Angel. ;)
Can I agree with both Saje and Dana? If reader-response has any validity, then it's valid across the board, otherwise it's exactly what I think it is (which I won't get into here...)

On the other hand, I'm really, seriously starting to wonder just exactly what the hell is the attraction for all these internet polls that they're such a fad? On some of the web forums I visit, every other new thread is a poll of some kind, and I feel like screaming "Give it a frikkin' rest, already!"

And I just noticed that Sunfire spilled the secret. Oops.
Heh, imagine if the power of polls really could be harvested for good, folding@home would have nothing on us.

Personally I think they actually do make people feel their show/film/character/hottie has more "worth" because where subjective opinion is concerned, it's easy to fool yourself into believing that the more people that share it the more valuable it is, or even the closer to being correct it is (as if that were even a sensible idea in the first place). We do the same thing on here and you'll particularly see it where e.g. Joss' opinion is concerned.

And there's also an element of in-group self-identification - if they weren't linked to on here I personally would never bother to vote in an online poll, for anything. Link it on here and it becomes a community thing, with an accompanying discussion that may (or may not) make it more worthwhile.
- if they weren't linked to on here I personally would never bother to vote in an online poll

Especially "sexiest vampire" or other "hot list" silliness :). The community aspect/sense of belonging is not to be underestimated.
The in-group self-identification that Saje mentions isn't limited to internet polls. I'm thinking of sports fans, when they start talking about how "we" won a game (instead of saying that the actual players won the game).
Sunfire, this is an Illogical quest, because the answer will be something close to the number 42

Saje, Thanks for correcting me, about Defying Gravity, but if you're right, and , then the chances of James does a cameo as drinking in a space bar will go only for a hollogram in Virtuality.
And if you would like to help me with some more doubts, I'll apreciate to know if in DG, they really said that their . If I could bother a little more, in True Blood, Was Holden Webster the only vampire analist in the world? Prozac didn't affect depressed vamps?
Well, i've no idea if i'm correct Brasilian Chaos Man, right now it's just another possibility. And yep, the DNA thing is as you think. In general BTW, though we know they have some form of nano-technology which is one possible way to interfere with people on a molecular scale .

Liking the show more and more BTW, the last couple of episodes have been pretty good, not perfect but very watchable.
Thanks again, Saje!

But if the characters have .

The artificial gravity explanation was good, BTW, when it was about the centrifugal force, however, the magnetic idea looked a little off, since their clothes should be very heavy to do the same gravity that in Earth, it wiil be heavier if more closer to the ground (probably the source of the field) and running machines shouldn't be the best choice for exercises.

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