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August 30 2009

Sasha's custom made Dollhouse figures. If you liked this promo poster then you might like these figures. They're excellent.

How is it that we've never seen that lovely so-called S1 poster before- or is that just me?

And the custom DH figures are indeed excellent, and some are even for sale if you've got a spare 90 quid lying around.
Though Ballard having 'Edward' hands is a little creepifying...
Ah, yes. Seen this site many times. Brilliant as ever.

The sculpture-like pieces are often some of her best.
I remember Joss and Eliza talking about how they saw a poster from marketing of Eliza mocked up as an action figure and they both freaked the hell out - maybe that's why we've not seen it before?
They freaked about it?
I think it was a fantastic piece of marketing- intriguing, eye catching, a lovely shout out for those fans who may have invested in the 'Faith' figures and more importantly, the concept was capable of generating discussion at watercoolers and online about the nature of the 'dolls'.
Have always loved Sasha's work but haven't seen any of her latest stuff for awhile and those just blew me away! The only one that seemed a bit off was Boyd but the rest were absolutely amazing!!

That poster was freaky but that seemed to be the point and I would have loved to have seen that marketed.
Could this have been the one they freaked out about? cos this one is freaky.

I agree, her work is brilliant. I love her custom figures, but unfortunately theyre a bit out of my price range.
That "Echo Barbie" poster is pretty creepy.

And the figures are nice work, the Saunders one especially really captures her I think. Dunno if it's deliberate but having dolls of the dollhouse, err, dolls kinda gives me pause for thought too. Twisty turny.

edited because "pause for though" ? Not so much with the being a real thing-ness.

[ edited by Saje on 2009-08-30 16:58 ]
Ooh, Gingy that one really is freaky and I could see why they may not have liked hat one!
My recollection might be wrong, but I think gingy's link is to a design that post-dates their comments about being freaked out. The poster is the more likely culprit than the Latin American/Brazilian website.

See, this is why Photoshop is Evil. Eliza's head and hand belong on Eliza's body, not on a mannequin.


The sculptures are really cool; I'm hoping she does a Mellie/November, and a Victor.

Anyone know what the figures on the bottom shelf are? The one on the left is Sierra getting wiped, but I can't figure the others.
I've got one of her Firefly figures - one of Book with Too Much Hair. I love it. She gets better and better, I think.
These are quite nice. I agree that the Saunders figure especially looks like Amy Acker. However, while well done, I don't think the Adelle figure looks at all like Olivia Williams. I had to scroll up to read the name. It actually looks more like Ali Larter or something. Still cool, though. :)
Confused as to where this new promo poster came from. Is it truly from Fox? How do we know this? It showed up on someone's LJ right?
I think it's a discarded promo poster from season one.
Everytime someone directs me toward this custom site I end up spending way way too much time looking at all the goodies. They really are fabulous.
I've seen this before, but she has gotten so much better since the last time. Some of these look as good as the official stuff, with better likenesses and poses.
Thanks, Simon. It just didn't seem to jibe with any of the other stuff from this season.
Well, at the provided link, it is in the S1 set, not the S2 set.

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