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August 30 2009

James Marsters in "High Plains Invaders", tonight on SyFy. Spike will be donning cowboy boots tonight at 9pm, 8pm central for "High Plains Invaders". It's another of SyFy's ventures into the Art of Filmmaking. James appears to be the main character. It looks to be fun, permaybehaps.

Thanks for this post! I have been waiting for this!
Ha! I love the loud heavy thumps the creature makes with those pointy legs without leaving a mark on the ground. Was that Bud Bundy getting stuck?

This could be a fun night for cheese. I'll be tuning in, and Marsters looked great.
But will it be as good as Mammoth or the Tara D'Arc epic?
I ask of that of every film I see now, 'Mammoth' has kind of become my gold standard.
I still haven't watched all of it. I get half way through and then re-evaluate my life. If High Plains Invaders can manage to do that as well, then SyFy is onto a winner.
Know what you mean. By half-way through i'm usually in a very contemplative mood, you really start to ask yourself all sorts of questions, particularly "Why am I here ?".
I gave 'SyFy' a shot last night. How could "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus" (with Debbie Gibson and Lorenzo Lamas!!)be anything but premium cheese of the finest order?

Meh. Lots of lame shots of Gibson pouring colored water into beakers and a shark with what looked like drawn-on teeth. Really bad bad of the worst kind.

Lets hope James makes this one fun.
Though to be fair I only lasted 10 minutes into the Adam Baldwin/Morena Baccarin movie.
This has been on pay per view for a few weeks. I'm surprised we have not gotten any reviews from members.

Anyway, this looks like it could be silly fun.
Oh the alien saved his life! Maybe Captain Jack sent him. ;)
I thought High Plains Invaders was good fun. Not the most cerebral movie ever made, but quite entertaining. My only real complaint was that the actress playing the bounty hunter wasn't very good - which is a shame because I thought the character had potential to be interesting (because that kind of a character is usually played by a man in disaster movies).

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Oh I wanna see this and can't! *sob* Suppose I'll have to wait till the UK arm shows it.
It's all very silly and highly entertaining!
This is all set to record on my DVR. It looks pretty high on the cheese scale, but I'll watch anything that has James in it. Might not be the best film in the world, but I think it will do for a nice bit of entertainment. Plus, any reason to look at James makes me happy. :)
Willowy, I also saw Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octupus, but not all the way through. I have my health to consider. Deborah Gibson looked like Tori Spelling, while Lorezo Lamas looked a director passing himself off as a CIA/FBI or whatever agent. No one should see movie unless properly Rifftraxed.
I think James will have better luck wit his movie. If someone came up with Jesse James vs. Frankenstein's Daughter, how bad could cowboys vs. radioactive aliens be?
It's pretty good so far. The bounty hunter is pretty annoying but otherwise, not bad at all.

Edit: Ha! A character just told the bounty hunter she's getting real annoying. The movie just redeemed itself, lol!

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This is incredibly horrible. The bounty hunter is a complete ripoff/homage to a character on Deadwood. Except the actor, she isn't so good. The only thing this movie has going for it so far is that James is pretty.
I had seen this on line, but like it better on my big screen and you are correct in saying I will watch anything James is in. I re-watched Shadow Puppets last night and it was still scary even though I knew what was coming. James just makes anything
Yeah, silly fun, with a good performance by James. The bounty hunter was obnoxious, annoying, and not very good, but it sometimes seems like there has to be at least one.
OK movie, even if ending was a bit too quick
I Just finished watching it, and didn't really like it much. Like those above, I disliked the Bounty Hunter from her first scene onward. She made me lose some interest in the show. There were also some things I couldn't wrap my head around, logically.

I felt James did a good job with the material he was given.

Overall, I'd give it a 4.5/10.
I'm embarassed to admit it... I posted about this and couldn't watch it all the way through! :P
Cheesy yes...but still surprisingly entertaining!!!
I hated Rose too!!!!
Man she just grated on my nerves...couldn't wait for one of those bugs to take her out!!!!
She could have been a good character, especially when the other outlaw and her got together for the big decieve and betray plot...but the actress just didn't pull it off very well.
The Scientist guy was very good...sniff...he got all redeemed and stuff.
James is so cute with the scruffy cowboy look. I'd love to see him in more Westerns, cause hey...James and Horsies are my idea of Heaven. And big bonus...he got to ride off into the gray misty sunset? with his lady love. SIGH.....happy ending for them.

Anyone know if there will be a DVD of this for sale...does SyFy do that?????

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I have seen all your comments and feel so sorry for James. There must be a good script for hime somewhere. I'm feeling tempted of writing one myself. Seen his british, I'm quite sure spanish wouldn't be a problem ;)

Seriously now, and maybe playing too much the fangirl here, James' capacity to keep working whatever he's got looks admirable to me, but I find it totally unfair _furthermore looking around other careers up for unexplainable reasons.

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