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August 30 2009

FOX8's trailer for Dollhouse 1x13 "The Future Project". Nice teaser for "Joss Whedon's one-off Dollhouse event", airing on Tuesday, September 1st. (Spoiler-y, of course, for Australians who haven't seen the episode yet.)

ETA: The reason why it's called "The Future Project" and not "Epitaph One" can be found here.

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I'm wondering whether it will be called like that on the R4 DVD too. But I guess not.
Hm, have they even watched the episode? What about Epitaph One is a "project", and I don't recall the episode being about "what happens when the dolls take over".

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It's also not them seeing it before the US, since we've had DVD, BD, Amazon, and iTunes for weeks now.

Nonetheless the ad is very exciting.
At least they got the "never aired in the U.S."-part right. Erm, unfortunately. ;)

But I'm still kinda waiting for the miracle to happen. I just don't buy Fox' reasoning that a Glee-rerun on Sept 18th 9/8c does the already over-hyped show any good on the level it is playing.
But if FOX were to bait and switch and air E1 on 9/18, it would throw off Double DOLLHOUSE Days when we watch Briar Rose and Omega that day. ;)

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LOL. Well, I guess you should call to tell them that. :)

"Fans beg Fox to air less Dollhouse. Full season pick-up confirmed."
If FOX air E1 I'm changing my username to vindication.
Digg if you want FOX to broadcast "Epitaph One" in the USA!

ETA: I think the post-apocalyptic aspect of "Epitaph One" lends itself to making a good Special Television Event, one that would attract new viewers.

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Hey, Australians out there. Is the voice over on this considered to be in a "standard" Australian accent? Just curious.
Sounded fairly normal to my ears (if you ignore all the post-recording processing the voice has gone through), fairly mild maybe I guess. Course, i'm not an Australian obviously (though I did watch an unhealthy amount of 'Neighbours' and 'Home and Away' as a student ;).

Not a bad promo I reckon, not exactly accurate but then it is basically a sales pitch, when did anyone ever hear one of those that wasn't full of half-truths and exaggerations ?
It's a great promo I think, and a good move making it 'event TV'.
I liked it up until they said "The Future Project" however, It's understandable. Epitaph isn't a word I use too often (or ever, before Dollhouse).
It's nice to see the show actually advertising promo footage SOMEWHERE. *cough* :P

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I wonder if FBC is just waiting to air E1 until Brothers is canceled. not saying it will be canceled, just that it is likely.
@newcj, it's a pretty standard Australian accent, most likely from the Melbourne or Sydney. We don't all sound like Crocodile Dundee ;)
I actually think she's a tiny bit stronger than the accent of myself or any of my friends but yeah it's pretty standard.
Thanks. The Australians I went to acting school with way back when had a stronger accent as I recall, but I don't remember where they were from. (It also might have been affected by being in the wilds of NYC as well. An accent is always a nice way to get the attention of the local pretties. ;-) ) I just realized when I heard this teaser, that though I have often heard what is considered "standard" accents used by announcers in the USA (loosening up now) and England, I didn't think I had had what might be considered a "standard" Australian accent indentified to me before. Interesting.

What can I say, I have a crazy interest in accents.
"Fans beg Fox to air less Dollhouse. Full season pick-up confirmed."

Can't stop laughing.

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The accent sounds fairly standard. :)

What I noticed, though, was that in the Foxtel tv guide, the episode is listed as 'Epitaph One' rather than as 'The Future Project'. So, for all intents and purposes, it seems like it's still going by its original title here in Australia.
Yes, we got into that a bit in the prior thread, too, I think. It pretty much is some sort of event branding rather than retitling. Much as "Needs" was advertised as a Dollhouse event called "The Awakening" here in the US.
Tweeted and Dugg.
I'm South Australian, so my accent is a bit more posh than this voice over(this is definitely more of a melbourne or sydney accent)
it's also not them seeing it before the US, since we've had DVD, BD, Amazon, and iTunes for weeks now.

True Bix, but they are careful to just say "never aired in the US" which is true... and also pretty clever marketing, since in Australia we're always happy to see episodes "direct from the US" without too much of a delay, so this seems even better.

Not that I'll be watching it, since I don't have Foxtel, and I've already seen it online anyway.

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My point was they don't only say "never aired in the US". They say "see it here first, before the US". It's a basically unimportant point to be sure, but I'm a stickler for pointing out the technically untrue. ;)
sure. I think we all are.

It's what makes us special.

You've got to admit it sounds good though, and it's at least half true.. saying "see it here first before the US (except for those who have the Dollhouse DVD, or bought the episode on Itunes, or watched it online illegally)" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

in reality a lot of whedon fans in Australia would have seen it online already (therefore they won't be seeing it first on fox either)

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So does an accent being more "posh" mean the same thing in Australia as it does in England?

I hope those of you who have not seen it, enjoy. I liked it.
I think so... I meant we sounded more English... well... Posh English anyway

By the way, congratulations on winning the Ashes.

[ edited by mortimer on 2009-08-31 04:39 ]
When do we start the rumor that "see it here first, before the US" means that FOX8 has inside information that FOX Broadcasting is going to air it here. ;)
Ooooo I like it B!x. Today Whedonesque, tomorrow IMDB, the next day the world.
Definitely a Sydney accent, IMO.
Yeah I'm a South Aussie as well which might be why I said her accent is stronger than mine or my friends. The accent varies slightly depending on where you live. South Australian's sound far more English than those in NSW or Queensland.
That's interesting, I always assumed some Aussie actors just shaved the edges off their accent at drama school (as happens with a lot of English actors that aren't from the home counties), never realised there was a "more English sounding" part of the country (though I did assume the accent would vary quite a lot over such a huge country).

Wonder if/how that relates to immigration patterns ? New South Wales was settled by Europeans first, right ? So maybe a higher proportion of poorer, working class settlers ? It won't be that simple of course but still, interesting.
Well, I know South Australia was never a convict colony.

[ edited by mortimer on 2009-08-31 16:31 ]

First settlers in the US were often a mixed bag of well educated second sons looking to make their fortune, religious zealots looking for their own piece of the world and poor shnooks with no other options. I don't know if Australia had the same thing happen, but it would give a different kind of accent than when a specific group would be transported to a specific place. Isolation also had a big effect on American regional accents. Some historians think that the "hillbilly" accent of the Appalachian Mountains is probably the closest to what English sounded like in Shakespeare's time and area. (Ironic in so many ways.) I know some areas of Australia are more isolated than others, could that come into play at all?

Something strange that happened a few years ago: I have met Australians and South Africans plenty of times and never thought of the accent as being similar. A few years ago I met someone who sounded very Australian and they turned out to be South African. I was really surprised and a bit confused.

Um. Sierra is Australian, right...and she is in Epitaph One.

See, on topic. ;-)
that's funny newcj. I don't hear much of a similarity between the Australian and South African accents either, but I do remember an episode of Captain Planet, where they had a fake estimation of an "Australian Accent" which sounded like a mixture of a South African and English accents... I found it very amusing.
There's an interesting Wiki article on regional accents in Australia here, which indicates that the South Australian accent is distinct, though I'm not sure about posh as my SA housemate sure doesn't sound posh ;)

Oh, and Dichen Lachman grew up in South Australia.
Making this an event actually sounds very appealing to me. Excellent promo, made me excited to see it and I believe I have watched it 6 times now... at least haha
The accent in the trailer sounded entirely normal from here in Sydney.

Of course for the full range of Aussie accents - from the really bad to the entirely normal - you only need to watch Lost! Some had me in stitches.
Dichen grew up in SA! Ohhh, I'm gonna have to do some digging around to see where she lived. Very cool :D

Itís weird because I live in Australia and of course you donít notice the accents but then you watch DH and have Dichen with all the American actors and you just notice it so much. She sounds so Australian which I just find hilarious.

Edit: Ohh awesome! Dichen went to Adelaide University which is where I currently go! Squee!

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