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"Too bad we'll never know... if this is a face you could learn to love."
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August 31 2009

Tom Lenk to make Broadway debut in 'Rock of Ages'. has the scoop and more.

But now it’s dancing while I’m singing, so I have two weeks to become Beyoncé.

If anyone can do that, it's Tom Lenk. Adding in the German accent and spangly onesie sounds even scarier to approach as a performer with a new part on live stage. But also fantastic.
For those who aren't aware, Rock of Ages also stars James Carpinello, aka Mr Amy Acker.
I wasn't aware of his [passable] German skills. I sort of imagined that Buffy writer's would have latched onto some excuse to make it happen.

As commercials go though, wasn't he in a Wendy's one pretty prominently? (And one of his only couple lines from Transformers I seem to remember also was pretty trailer worthy even if he's complaining about his clothing.)

In any case, he's pretty darn hilarious so it'd be great if he can pull off funny and arousing. ^_^
And to think I almost bought tickets to Hamlet. I'm going to try to check this out the night before I see Joss at the Dr. Horrible event. This may be my best birthday vacation ever.

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