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August 31 2009

Eliza up for Best Science Fiction Actress in the Scream Awards. As she herself teased via tweet last week, the nominees are up and the voting has begun.

Brian K. Vaughan is nominated as Best Comic Writer (for "Ex Machina").
I'm upset Buffy and Georges don't get any nominations for the comics. Green Lantern and Drag Me To Hell get a lot of my votes, but I'm afraid the Twilight bandits will steal the show...
And TSCC is in Best TV Show
The though ones:
Best Supporting Actress - All good ones.
Best Sequence - Should be The Less Horrible One

I probably voted a dozen times for Let The Right One In
After filling out 30 categories they still don't let you view the poll? Meh.
It's not a poll in that sense. It's a televised awards show. Why would they let you see who's winning?
Aww, ok. Wasn't really sure what I was getting into, haha. Just thought it was a normal poll.
Great to see Pontypool nominated. I voted for it, and not just because it's Canadian. My favourite zombie movie. (Though I loved Fido too, also Canadian. We're all about the zombies.)
I voted a lot for UP, but I haven't even watched it yet. Also voted for Let the Right One In. But Mr. Sparkles has overly eager fans, bet they'll bag most of the awards.

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